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 Adequacy Server Status

Current Old site status

08-14 January 2001: Yup, more of the same

We're still getting the bejesus kicked out of our database on a regular basis. At peak traffic hours you're unlikely to be able to access the site at all. We're planning a code update which will alleviate some of this, but essentially we have more traffic than our current hardware can handle (and no, we're not in a position to purchase more hardware at the moment).


07 January 2001: Swamped again

Today we got featured on both Voyeurweb and, more importantly, on Tech TV. The traffic, again, brought to surface some DB bottlenecks we have to solve eventually. I managed to set up automatic static mirroring of the two most hit pages (the front page, and the default Anonymous Reader view of Is Your Son a Computer Hacker?). Users who hit these pages without a session cookie (i.e. pretty much everybody who hasn't ever visited the site before) should get a fast response, but everything else is kinda crawling.

Thanks for your support!


08 December 2001: Moving aftermath

We are having some leftover DNS problems from the move. Most everything should be sorted out by tomorrow, but if you're still having intermittent problems, please let me know.

07 December 2001: Moving day.

We moved the site this afternoon to a colocation facility with a much better network connection. Hopefully this will help out a bit, because we were saturating the T1 we were on. I guess we'll know by tomorrow or at latest Monday when traffic picks up a bit again. Thanks for sticking it out with us.

06 December 2001: The Revenge of High Traffic

As you've probably noticed, our traffic levels haven't significantly gone down. In the last couple of days, we've had times where we got more than one unique visitor per second, which our server is definitely not designed for. Just a bit ago, we got linked to on, so I'm relatively sure that things are just going to continue.


02 December 2001: High Traffic

We're being linked to on about a dozen high traffic websites right now, and both our database and uplink are at about max. Please be nice to the site. If you'd like to help, try viewing the site logged out.

22 August 2001: DDoS Attack Update was the victim of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack between 8-21 August 2001. This attack resulted in us vanishing off the face of the 'Net for a fortnight. We've now moved to a new host and we hope to resume normal service ASAP.

Cookie Problems

Some people are having dns related problems that are making the site intermittently accessable and creating cookie problems. If you are having problems accessing the site, you can try accessing it using a different hostname. Both and will get you here, and some dns servers like one better than another.

My posts are screwed up!!

This appears to be because our well-intentioned technical supereditors changed the default setting to "Plain Text" rather than "HTML Format", and then went to catch some hard-earned sleep, blissfully unaware of the carnage which was ensuing. This was done to accomodate some Goths posting on the site who couldn't quite get the hang of either HTML or drop-down form boxes (to be fair, neither of these were around in the Middle Ages), but it appears to be catching a few of our more normal readers unawares. Please try not to be cross and not to take your frustrations out on your spouse or colleagues. We'll try to keep on top of the situation by deleting duplicates today, and will review the situation when the Yanks (and Rebels, whoop) wake up.

I can't stay logged in...

If you can't stay logged in, try deleting your cookies for, and login again. Additionally, you might try using a different hostname until the problems above clear up. Note that it's important to verify that you have gotten *all* of the cookies, you may have some for or, depending on when and where you first logged in.

I can't make a new user!

We had a problem with making new users for about 24 hours ending early afternoon wednesday july 11. Try making an account now, it should work.

If you are having a problem using the site please let me know. mail me at elby - at -

Alternatively, if you can't be bothered doing that, post a comment on this sid detailing the difficulty and we will deal with it.

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