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 The Buzz on Adequacy

-- Cool Stop site

-- Cruel Site of the Day

Hit and Run on "The Weekly Worst" section, Dec. 19 2001
-- Worst of the Web

The ScreenSavers "Site of the Nite" Jan. 7 2002

Golden Testicle Award, December 2001.

Adequacy's primary writers have no problems with ad hominem attacks, atrocious fact-checking and gratuitous obscenities. Stories range widely in their topics, from conspiracies to religion to animals. Their categorical story icon for "Animals" is a raccoon having sex with a dog. The root purpose of the site is to offend, misinform and laugh at others. It falls squarely in with The Stile Project as horrible Internet pariah site, with less porn but more cursing and bullshit, and definitely as much hatred of the greater world.
-- "HongPong",

Heh. I put up a permanent link to your site as well... It's my new favorite site. Fucking kicks ass!
-- stile, Stile Project

No one could be so stupid.
-- Anonymous Reader

Ok, [where] is my gun. [Fuck] that, just give me that guy's address, and I'll go and rip his head off with my bare hands.
-- hamking from

What a bunch of communists.
-- JALU from

The experience of reading the site is not unlike being transfixed at an especially gory road accident
-- khaosworks on

The URL:
is classified by Websense under the category:
("Sites that cannot be categorized elsewhere but offer offensive, grotesque, frightening, lurid, material with no redeeming value.")

-- (Internet censorship software)
NOTE: Websense has since changed its classification to "Alternative Journal"

This is therorectical[sic] blasphemy!
-- robyoung17, Yahoo! "infpopen" club.

This is the most Pro-Fascist, Liberal Elitist bunch of Closet Communists I've ever seen...they seem to be a little to the left of Adolf Hitler himself...I don't think I've ever seen so many racist stereotypes directed against Christians and Gun-owners in one spot...
-- aldeberan99, Yahoo! "lawfulgunownership" club.

The guy that wrote the stuff in that link ought to be taken out back and anally raped with a splintered broom handle. I hate when someone that knows nothing about a topic tries to write a diatribe.
-- kvnnvk2112 aka Headbanger, "rage area"

It amazes me how someone can be serious about something so incredibly absurd. You have my pity.
-- Anonymous Reader

Authors/maintainers of this page must be either Microsoft employees or total morons, but are probably both
-- Anonymous Reader

Some asshole from some thing called the Adequacy Org. e-mailed us demanding that we change our name. The guy is clueless. He talks about our new album called 'Spreading The Disease', calls us Grind Core, Death Metal and Speed Metal. He thinks we named the band last week to "take advantage of this horrific situation." Last week..twenty years ago. No big difference there. What a jackass. There was a link to click on to automatically e-mail us if you agreed with him. Out of 500 e-mails last week there were six people that did it.
-- Scott Ian, lead singer of Anthrax

I know that is supposed to be controversial but this is just pure lunacy...
-- Anonymous Reader

The only reason it pisses me off is because it reminds me of what I hate about debates - debaters saying sound-bites that SOUND cool and actually have no essence, and then people reacting to them by giving them points for being witty - never mind the fact that it actually wasn't a very good point.
-- Curt,

Adequacy posts seem to be riddled with insincerity, locked in 20th century-style cynicism. Perhaps the lot of you enjoy the retro thing, but it all seems a little passe to me.
-- spacejack is one of the worst sites on the net. it's filled with nothing but whining "not-my-job" types who have no sense of how the world got to where it is.
-- isajera,

I think their presence here is a good thing. it keeps you on your toes. the point of adequacy is not to take anything seriously. For instance, if the editor of adequacy saw a young girl being raped in the street, he would adhere to the principle of "not taking anything seriously", make up some fucking retarded argument about how her rape was symbolic of bourgeoise oppression, and maybe post it to his web site the next day.
-- Sllort,

The amusing antics of the juvenile Editors doesn't [sic] cause me anguish. It's the announcement by Elby that people really do mean the hopelessly dogmatic material that fills the front page. The Editors are only a small part of that anguish.
-- SpaceGhoti

If i wanted to see Communists debate lunatics i would watch the show "Crossfire" on CNN
-- Anonymous Reader

Well, clearly, [] is aimed at giving a voice to white minority middle class geek amputee professional homosexual mainstream Canadians.
--F. Wolke, Yahoo! Groups: "Committee For The Advancement Of RPG's"

Meanwhile, looks like it might be a viable alternative to other supposed newsfilters. Where "viable" means "amusing but probably doomed."
-- "yami",

You ignorant, overbareing, stiff, stuck up, crackheaded, sell your wife and kids into slavery for a dollar, jingoistic, scum sucking, small farm animal fucking, pedagoguish, invertabrate, simplistic, take it in the ear for a beer, swine-esque, undereducated, incomprehensiable, pederast! How dare you tell anyone that they are wothless until they gone [sic] and damn well proven their need to wiped from any record of humanity! Sure some of the people flowing over to here are festering boils in the anus of humanity. But let them prove that for themselves so that the rest of us can laugh unmercifully at them!
-- Squire of Gothos

I go becase [sic, throughout] i have the special problems to the usenet groop and i get many hlpfull ideas to help with my special problems like the epsom salt and lime juce thing and i write "who thingks up the good ideas?" And they write "it is the smart peopl at So i com to this site but i do not undeardstn the topic s of disucsson they are to high level i am not a smaert like you. So now i read yor article and I kno i am not intelligence enough to be on the I will go back to were i belonng. k thx bye
-- Anonymous Reader

Adequacy is the biggest pile of wank I've ever seen. And I've been on the net for 10 years.
-- "Peter", on SlashNet #kuro5hin

This guy pisses me off on so many levels. If I was a christian I would wish to have jesus slit his throat.
-- Korbean, forums

I hate Slashdot because I hate inanity. manages the remarkable feat of beating Slashdot's [sic] on that count.
-- Keunwoo Lee

[...] it is another underground cesspool have made them [Anthrax] the newest Joan of Arc of the metal scene. It came in the form of an editorial posting at and a letter from the same to Scott Ian telling the band to change their name. [...] As a writer who takes painful lengths researching topics before committing an article to this site, the lack of journalistic integrity shown by the editor at right wing url just plain pisses me off. [ ...] is the biggest piece of crap I have ever witnessed. These guys have ar ambling social rhetoric of a bunch of ill-educated, Nazi-skinheads and shoot themselves in the foot continuously [...] Many have already pointed out the editor's shameful inaccuracies(who goes by initials dmg , not a name), he refuses to apologize.
-- Somebody (who goes by the tasteless pseudonmym "Web-Terrorist", not a name) at Pandora's Box

I just hope that whoever wrote this article is serious. It makes it funnier knowing that there are some seriously ignorant idiots out there preaching about shit they simply know nothing about.
-- user "STELTH", RUN Arena forums

this is absolutely ludacris [sic]. This guy is serious. I thought it was a joke untill i kept reading
-- "fire2055", Forums

When you start reading, it almost seems like really well-done satire... until you realize the article is dead-serious.
-- "asagiri2040", Anime on DVD Community Forums

sometimes i think that discussions i see on the web are actually fictions created expressly to amuse me, because i cannot believe that some posters in such threads, like this one, really believe what they're saying.
-- "lcw2001", on his online diary

I honestly don't know whether to laugh or cry about this article.. To think that someone can believe so dramatically in something, yet so completely 'not get it' scares me..
-- feydakin,

where do you draw the line? how do you distinguish between sarcasm and unreason? is there any value to a website that espouses views so absurd, it's well nigh impossible to see anything other than humor in it... until it actually looks as if other people are taking it seriously, and you start getting scared?
-- StAnthonysKidnapper,

fire2055 posted a link to an anti-anime article in the anime forum, so I took a look around the site it was hosted on... an all I have to say is WOW. These people are completely serious about what they write, yet they jump to such ridiculous conclusions I found their opinions to be incredibly comical.
-- "XenoCell", forums

I remember one post on this site about Linux user's lack of sense of irony. I must agree, it was 100% correct. I read this whole article laughing so hard I could barely breathe. Only after I read the comments I realised this was written for real... Pathetic.
-- Anonymous Reader,

Damn, I always have to use a dictionary when reading your site.
-- "ss59" on #adequacy

Ok... I started to get really suspicious of this "article" and I scrolled to the end, looking for the "this is an early April fools prank" or the like. I found none. Either Mr. Gibbons works for Intel, or he is a profoundly mis-informed individual.
-- Adam Gessaman,

OMG! Who the fuck wrote this . . . we shouold hack him and put some tutorials on his computer so he learn so shit about it. What a fucking dumbass!
-- "OneShot", Board

se esse artigo da for sério com certeza eh [sic] por causa dos norte-americanos doentes mentais que matam seus coleguinhas de escola depois de jogar DOOM
("if that article is serious it's certainly because of the mentally-ill north americans that kill their schoolmates after playing DOOM")
-- "sartor", Boards

Your biast [sic], uneducated, biggated [sic] comments put computer users back years. Get a huge dog up you you bastard!
-- Anonymous Reader,

if you don't even know how to spell "linux" then please shut the fuck up.
-- Anonymous Reader,

Canadians i can understand, but amputees?
-- user on BLUG mailing list

This guy is gay and apparently does not know anything about computers.
-- Anonymous Reader,

All i can say is wow. You can write well for someone who must not have attended high school.
-- Anonymous Reader,

Words cannot describe the stupidity of all that you say. When reading your paper, I thought I was reading a funny satire. Unfortunatly, I was not. Now re-reading some of the things you said enstead of laughing I am filled with dread. Are there others like you? If so, someone save us!
-- Anonymous Reader,

This is the sickest, most twisted site i have ever been to! Every single article contains twisted facts that are so far-fetched that you have to be totally BRAINWASHED to believe it. [...] This site also contains some of the most racist stuff i have ever seen. They are almost worse then [sic] the KKK (if not members!).
-- Anonymous Reader,

dear god, i don't even want to think how stupid the people that will argue with this person are.
-- Anonymous Reader,

Adequacy is just like Terrance and Phillip from South Park. Terrance farts on Phillip, Phillip compliments Terrance with his own fart, and the circle jerk is on. The Adequacy folks do the same thing with misleading stories [...] but there is no indication that this does not include farting on each other as well.
-- "LocalYokel", message boards

[] is basically a place not unlike this site. It advocates unconventional free speech. But where it differs is the blatant display of ignorance and general fucking disrespect for humanity. I'm posting the link because you'll probably find something on there that will piss you off.
-- "MimeSlayer", (their emphasis)

Read all the posts following the article, it is no joke, just lots of clusers [sic]. The name fits, just enough brain cells to get dressed in the morning.
-- "(8?>" (yes, really, somebody who goes by the name "(8?>"), MLUG-DISCUSSION mailing list

What you propose is FACISM [sic] - go live in CHINA!!!!
-- PotatoError, user

Not since I accidentally picked up a copy of the Daily Express about 3 years ago have I read so much disinformation and blatant misrepresentation. Fortuntely it's an interactive page, because the comments are so much more enlightening to the genuinely concerned.
-- c. harrison, on Usenet

My god, you people are like the scum in the bottom of my trashcan. The kind of crap you don't bother cleaning out, instead you just throw the whole thing away.
-- Anonymous Reader,

It goes on, but that site nauseates me worse than the man eating a baby on
-- "Sutut", Google Groups alt.fantasy.conan

It's horribly inaccurate, oddly biased, and to top it all off they misspelled Linux. I thank you for writing this awful article, as it has givin (sic) me a new definition of stupid.
-- Anonymous Reader --_TweeK_, user.

I promise you I will not stop until your company is bankrupt and your editors are in jail.
-- Jeremy Werner, Segment Marketing Engineer, Advanced Micro Devices

He's the Andy Kaufman of crappy webmasters. The pink flamingo on the lawn of the Internet. The... well.. you get it.
-- gregl1271, Yahoo! Finance AMD Message Board

Adequacy is almost universally hailed as one of the most idiotic sites on the 'net today, and is the subject of an enormous amount of ridicule from those who have an ounce of dignity about them. The relationship between adequacy and the rest of the people on the 'net is roughly analogous to the relationship between Scientology and the rest of the world.
-- Kuro5hin user "kitty"

I have been to the site and skimmed the headlines. I don't really understand their mission statement. It says two compleatly [sic] contradictoy [sic] things. The articles don't seem to be that strange. I don't really understand what the site is all about.
-- psyjax,

Geez, Adequacy needs to stop taking it'self [sic] so seriously.... Adequacy's purist stance reeks of the elitist stuffiness that's usually attributed to old media.
-- Humberto,

Adequacy is one of the few remaining web sites that I am comfortable letting my children view.
-- NoahVale, Adequacy.Org user

I'm not sure if the people who post here are joking, or just incredibly ignorant. Mussolini and Ninjas in Switzerland? What the fuck? Pull your heads out fo [sic] your asses.
-- Anonymous Reader,

Adequacy[.org] is the Zen monastry of the internet.
Expect the masters to clout you around the ears from time to time, until you reach enlightenment.

-- walwyn,

No wonder you're universally hated. It's like a half-way house full of self-esteemless, twitching jerkoffs and recluses all huddling together in a big group hug of talentless, unjustifiable ego.
-- user "Turkish Delight"

I find your website rude and offensive in every aspect. I can [sic] care less about the fucking first amendment so don't feed me shit about you being protected. I am not American, i do not need to abide by Americans legalities. I especially like the part about hacking you have in there "How to tell if your son is a hacker" I guarantee you will succumb to the full wrath of what a teenage hacker can do. You can shove your website up your ass, I am currently in the process of taking it down.
-- jahova Wittness

This story has to be a joke. No one could be stupid enough to believe any of this.
--Anonymous Reader, Adequacy

Adequacy is the best site on the internet!
--User "Potsy", Metafilter; link as in original

I start thinking to myself that this site couldn't possibly get any weirder or stupider, here you go publishing a story like this. This, I have to say, is totally baffling. Time and again I come across posts and stories that read like the babblings of a febrile two year old shot up with acid. It's like a cultural trainwreck.
-- Anonymous Reader,

Adequacy is a waste of bits, populated by the type of people who grow up and become serial killers. user "Bad Harmony"

I'd rip out your intestines and strangle you with them if I ever got to meet you .. you walking shit factory.
-- Anonymous Reader,

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