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Sep 19, 2001

Obladi-oblada Life goes on

Sep 19, 2001

Cowards A Day on the Links

Sep 19, 2001

Weights for weight loss I'm Gonna Play All Night.

Sep 19, 2001

pets or meat Holy Jesus, what are these goddamn animals?

Sep 20, 2001

Superstition & empirical evidence Climbing the Corporate Ladder through Castration

Sep 30, 2001

Stand back! We're scientists! Review: Linux Mandrake 8.1

Sep 30, 2001

In brief, it sucked. I just saw Dancer in the Dark.

Oct 02, 2001

Fuck Linux! Linux Linux Linux Part Two - Crossing the Linux Fault Threshold

Oct 02, 2001

Vaio has a recovery CD Linux Linux Linux Part Two - Crossing the Linux Fault Threshold

Oct 02, 2001

I am a hypocrite and I vote. Kill Yr Idols: Usamah bin Muhammad bin Laden

Oct 05, 2001

You talkin' ta me? Urban Scavengers

Oct 06, 2001

Jesus and I Arriving in Ethiopia, West of Somalia

Oct 07, 2001

Please tell me... An Early Analysis of Today's Attacks

Oct 09, 2001

Banks are professiona Americans Something Patriotic that The Geeks Can Do Right Now

Oct 10, 2001

As an INFP, Using the Myers-Briggs System for a Better Society

Oct 11, 2001

Not radical enough Enough already! Ban programming.

Oct 16, 2001

Me too.

Oct 21, 2001

The constitution isn't software. The US Constitution - past its sell-by date ?

Nov 14, 2001

But how did it get that way? Some major flaws in Evolutionary Theory

Nov 19, 2001

Don't knock us cowards! The Evil of Harry Potter

Dec 31, 2001

hope vs. evolution Some major flaws in Evolutionary Theory

Dec 31, 2001

None dare call it reason Using the Myers-Briggs System for a Better Society

Dec 31, 2001

Only self starters need apply Why marijuana is the worst drug

Jan 21, 2002

College and cowardice My Children Will Not Be Attending College

Jan 21, 2002

I'll be brief My New Diary Entry

Apr 08, 2002

By the rude bridge that arched the flood Full Frontal Rudity

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