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Sep 18, 2001

I applaud the Chileans' actions Chile to bomb the U.S.A.

Sep 18, 2001

Link Chile to bomb the U.S.A.

Oct 11, 2001

INTJ and proud of it. Using the Myers-Briggs System for a Better Society

Oct 11, 2001

You understate the achievements of NT's Using the Myers-Briggs System for a Better Society

Oct 11, 2001

Your analysis is flawed. Using the Myers-Briggs System for a Better Society

Oct 28, 2001

One piece of evidence is all that's needed. Was the fourth plane shot down during an attack on 9/11?

Oct 31, 2001

Thank you for your sentiments The scramjet failed :(

Oct 31, 2001

No, I'm not in Sydney... The scramjet failed :(

Oct 31, 2001

Re: Well then, enjoy Moonbase Peking The scramjet failed :(

Nov 20, 2001

Indeed, there are a lot of rules in cricket The cricket drama

Dec 06, 2001

Depends on the definition of Third World Welcome to the Third World

Dec 16, 2001

Not quite right... My Vacation Dilemma. How can I be an ethical tourist ?

Dec 20, 2001

I think there is an alternative solution... Why We Need National Missile Defense

Dec 21, 2001

jsm, where are you? A Formal reminder.

Dec 31, 2001

One minor point Celebrating 2000 Years of British Achievement

Jan 01, 2002

Okay then, how about non-statistics Celebrating 2000 Years of British Achievement

Jan 18, 2002

Kudos Elenchos Napster, Gnutella and the file sharing revolution

Apr 02, 2002

Spelling A Reader Disputes Our Wisdom

Apr 13, 2002

I hate Berkeley Liberalist morons strike again.

Apr 30, 2002

I don't have the time... Hats off to em

May 19, 2002

Question 5,000 posts. ~5,000 idiots.

Jun 10, 2002

Random strings... The Wankometer

Jun 24, 2002

I applaud the inherent democracy here A Brief Explanation of the Adequacy Comment Ratings System

Jul 05, 2002

Fireworks A Down Home 4th of July

Jul 11, 2002

Missing Poll Option Cheers for Le Tour de France

Jul 15, 2002

What criterium? The real artists plaugh.

Jul 18, 2002

Extra two lines? Our Father

Jul 20, 2002

Relevance? Sirs,

Jul 24, 2002

Division of labour do some atheists hate religion?

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