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Aug 27, 2001

Japanese anime DVD Versus VHS: The Surprising Truth

Sep 12, 2001

Very true Adequacy sheds light at our darkest hour

Sep 13, 2001

A sign Greetings.

Sep 14, 2001

Yay for eunuchs Climbing the Corporate Ladder through Castration

Sep 18, 2001

Prison women dogs Holy Jesus, what are these goddamn animals?

Sep 23, 2001

Actually... Holy Jesus, what are these goddamn animals?

Sep 23, 2001

Namuch Hey jin

Sep 23, 2001

I concur Hey jin

Sep 23, 2001

B&D Hey jin

Oct 02, 2001

Oh my god! Brett Favre Must Be Stopped

Oct 02, 2001

Asleep [nt] Hey fluffy grue,

Oct 03, 2001

nmap Linux Linux Linux Part Two - Crossing the Linux Fault Threshold

Oct 06, 2001

Which surgery? surgical strikes

Oct 07, 2001

Cave food Newsflash! America's holy war begins!

Oct 07, 2001

Thank you, Master of the Obvious surgical strikes

Oct 13, 2001

Wow Feature: Flags

Oct 13, 2001

And yet... Feature: Flags

Oct 13, 2001

Yes, of course Feature: Flags

Oct 14, 2001

Yes, of course Feature: Flags

Oct 22, 2001

é Hey BC!

Oct 22, 2001

WTF? Hey BC!

Nov 12, 2001

History of shock art Fuck Cunt Shit Piss Cocksucker Motherfucker Tits

Nov 19, 2001

I am sorry... Active recruiting

Nov 19, 2001

Be careful! Active recruiting

Nov 28, 2001

Accent My husband wants me shorn!

Nov 30, 2001

K5 isn't a humor site Kuro5hin

Nov 30, 2001

I misspoke Kuro5hin

Dec 01, 2001

No soup for you either Linux Zealot - The Internet's most controversial cartoon superhero

Dec 08, 2001

Capital worth is a liberal myth Welcome to the Third World

Dec 10, 2001

You sure? The sky: a revisionist examination

Dec 15, 2001

Lots are like that Beware of Charities

Dec 24, 2001

Excuse me Security, Microsoft, and You

Feb 01, 2002

Other important things Writing Satire For A Technical Audience

Feb 10, 2002

That explains so much The Satanic Nature of Kuro5hin is Revealed.

Feb 10, 2002

A chimpanzee Happy Birthday, Reagan

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