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Oct 06, 2001

That isn't quite correct Arriving in Ethiopia, West of Somalia

Oct 12, 2001

Obvious Answer: the Sudetenland On the Establishment of a Palestinian State

Oct 13, 2001

I'm not sure anything is wrong with you Why I am mentally defective and should be shunned in public

Oct 13, 2001

You forgot about Canada Feature: Flags

Oct 13, 2001

Can you explain something to me, osm? Hard Truths

Oct 15, 2001

I really don't think anything is wrong with you It happened AGAIN...

Oct 15, 2001

As a side point... It happened AGAIN...

Oct 19, 2001

So could I... Question For The People Here

Oct 21, 2001

Hard decision for the poll I hate commies...

Oct 24, 2001

Missing option in the poll Alan Cox Is an Unprofessional Jerk

Oct 24, 2001

And I'm working on Is adequacy getting lame?

Oct 26, 2001

Liberal Myths? Religion: The Appendix of Modern Society

Oct 26, 2001

Danger: Kuro5bot Malfunction Terrorism and root causes

Nov 03, 2001

Just wondering... Idaho Cabin Adventure!

Dec 15, 2001

Small problem with the poll My Vacation Dilemma. How can I be an ethical tourist ?

Jan 22, 2002

I thought Linux Zealot was a homosexual Linux Zealot goes to the Movies

Feb 23, 2002

Chomsky is losing it (more than he has before) I'm very disappointed with Noam Chomsky

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