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Jul 01, 2001

Opium Of Microsoft and "Great" Britain

Jul 10, 2001

What's wrong with drugs? Holes

Jul 11, 2001

Leon vs. The Professional So shaken as we are, so wan with care,

Jul 12, 2001

5-HTP and Ecstacy My first story here is rejected

Jul 12, 2001

5-HTP and depression My first story here is rejected

Jul 30, 2001

Oh man Marion 'Suge' Knight to be released - Young white rap fans in danger ?

Aug 02, 2001

LOL Dungeons and Dragons: Don't Let it Happen to Your Kid

Aug 03, 2001

Not at all Eugenics: The choice for a superior generation

Aug 29, 2001

Hmm... The Problem is You - Not Religion

Aug 30, 2001

Left finger? The Problem is You - Not Religion

Aug 31, 2001

My rant was going to be better Boo hoo

Aug 31, 2001

No, who me? Boo hoo

Sep 04, 2001

Hello? Global Warming: A Proactive Solution (Part 2 of 2)

Sep 04, 2001

It's down Boo Hoo No. 2

Sep 06, 2001

Oh come now, don't be naive Don't Go In The Water

Sep 12, 2001

*yawn* Boring you with my diary

Sep 12, 2001

Wankers What a wanker

Sep 18, 2001

Your tripe Electronica: The threat to our youth

Sep 19, 2001

Rats Holy Jesus, what are these goddamn animals?

Sep 19, 2001

Old age :( Holy Jesus, what are these goddamn animals?

Sep 20, 2001

Dune is the biggest POS ever Frank Herbert foresaw this situ

Sep 20, 2001

Fapping? Well I'm Just a Modern Guy...

Sep 26, 2001

Well... The evening ended...

Oct 05, 2001

trhurler The funny thing is, trhurler lurks and reads this...

Oct 26, 2001

Well then... Are we safe?

Oct 31, 2001

Bollocks Guilt about shareware.

Nov 06, 2001

Not true at all why boys and girls are different

Nov 06, 2001

Nice guys... Nice guys

Nov 07, 2001

Well then... Nice guys

Nov 09, 2001

Oooh vitalism Why Science Got Me and God Didn't

Nov 27, 2001

Mmm... crystal meth Um yeah

Nov 28, 2001

Heh Um yeah

Nov 28, 2001

Nah Um yeah

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