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May 14, 2002 What makes Australian women so hot?

May 14, 2002

kick me? What makes Australian women so hot?

May 28, 2002

Getting fatter The Internet - where is it heading?

May 29, 2002

Well.... Hedonist seeks pleasure advice.

May 29, 2002

Goon Leaves Goon!!! Hedonist seeks pleasure advice.

May 30, 2002

you are too right... Hacker Culture and its Misportrayal by Media and Government

Jun 01, 2002

OT The New Faust

Jun 01, 2002

Ask... w0w I must be 1337 h4X0r

Jun 03, 2002

bravo! On why Pearl is not like natural language (Part I)

Jun 03, 2002

A Lunix Hacker's Diary [nt] The Hall of Shame

Jun 07, 2002

Obviously... Debunking the Holocaust Hoax

Jun 24, 2002

It's been done before... A Brief Explanation of the Adequacy Comment Ratings System

Jun 26, 2002

You need a new hobby. Hidden Agenda

Jun 27, 2002

Yes... Tolkien, Star Wars and Jesus Christ

Jul 03, 2002

So you're a German? Americans are arrogant and rude!

Jul 04, 2002

Thanks... Americans are arrogant and rude!

Jul 04, 2002

May I suggest... Americans are arrogant and rude!

Jul 16, 2002

You should of... Kittie Pr0n, did I do the right thing?

Jul 27, 2002

AU needs to get with the 21century. The evils of smoking.

Aug 02, 2002

A Post Mortem The Console Wars, the Dust Has Settled.

Aug 04, 2002

Madam, Sirs,

Aug 12, 2002

Straight Porn Is Pretty Gay... Lesbian Parenting and the Myth of Gay Children

Aug 12, 2002

Here's the plan... Remember the Alamo!

Aug 14, 2002

Got Bloat? Microsoft bloat and easter eggs?

Aug 19, 2002

Appeasement.... Dear Mr. Script Kiddie, Sir:

Aug 21, 2002

Trolling is alive: Trolling - A thing of the past ?

Aug 22, 2002

Thanks Not Very Adequate

Aug 23, 2002

It's the adequacy... My Online Buddies - WTF

Aug 30, 2002

You are mistaken... The most beautiful display of utter crap I have ever had the mispleasure of seeing

Sep 02, 2002

There is always one... Engineers, the silent, Anti-Social Killers

Sep 04, 2002

Irony is alive... Seven Days Until the Post-9/11-Post-9/11 Era

Sep 04, 2002

The fact that... Engineers, the silent, Anti-Social Killers

Sep 04, 2002

I disagree Engineers, the silent, Anti-Social Killers

Sep 04, 2002

Very good... Linux Zealot Takes a Bath

Sep 05, 2002

Well sir... Guns ?

Sep 06, 2002

Hardly... Invasion: America

Sep 07, 2002

You can't win A thought on Christianity.

Sep 07, 2002

This might help... T Reginald Gibbons - Idiot of the century?

Sep 09, 2002

It is interesting.... this was a waste of time

Sep 10, 2002

You have... The Boy Scouts of America, and the Threat To American Values

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