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Feb 18, 2002

You're lucky they've gone The Day the Dopes Came Over

Feb 19, 2002

It all ties together Caffeinated Mints: A Comparative Review

Feb 20, 2002

Pasta Disasta (sic) A world ruled by Posh

Feb 22, 2002

No surprises there The Drug Underground Comes Online

Feb 24, 2002

I'm not an evil alien because... Someone Help This Poor Guy

Feb 24, 2002

totheutothestothea Just curious

Feb 24, 2002

Why not Just curious

Feb 25, 2002

Not tall poppies The Politics of Envy

Feb 25, 2002

The value of options What is your annual household income?

Feb 26, 2002

Ahhh, dividends (& early exercise) What is your annual household income?

Feb 26, 2002

Excuse my ignorance, What is your annual household income?

Feb 26, 2002

I think they're dudding you... What is your annual household income?

Feb 27, 2002

I'm sorry. What is your annual household income?

Feb 27, 2002

Extreme? I`m new here and Im extreme

Feb 27, 2002

Batman? Seriously? I`m new here and Im extreme

Feb 28, 2002

St Thomas, eh?

Mar 01, 2002

You know, Now I May Have Seen Everything

Mar 03, 2002

Nice recommendation, Movie Recommendation

Mar 03, 2002

Thanks! Movie Recommendation

Mar 04, 2002

Another upside It's time to surrender.

Mar 06, 2002

You could try Adequacy.Org Presents the Commonsense Crossword

Mar 06, 2002

So is it 1000 voices, drilling your thoughts every day.

Mar 08, 2002

Insider trades Slashdot Subscriptions and VA Software -- what's going on?

Mar 11, 2002

A commendable plan, Nathan, Strange

Mar 12, 2002

Looks like we just might see... Google Needs a Winston Smith

Mar 12, 2002

Was I a baddie? Google Needs a Winston Smith

Mar 14, 2002

Showing my ignorance(?) Why I enjoy being a girl

Mar 15, 2002

Hate to say it, but Some of you must be bad drivers.

Mar 18, 2002

Mad Scientist beers

Mar 21, 2002

You should have... nothing can stop me now

Mar 21, 2002

It does seem inconsistent. oh, ahh, elll ... oahll

Mar 25, 2002

Your diary This is my diary

Mar 26, 2002

This is no place for secrecy Please read this...

Apr 01, 2002

It's not trust; it's a contractual relationship. Media Responsibility in the Modern Era

Apr 02, 2002

She's smart, too. Getting married

Apr 09, 2002

I was hoping to see... Who is your favorite assassinated politician?

Apr 09, 2002

Lack of exposure ... Paging Dr. Science, paging Dr. Science...

Apr 09, 2002

Bob Australia and Australians

Apr 11, 2002

Leunig Australia and Australians

Apr 13, 2002

Do you mean... David Beckham

Apr 13, 2002

Moron. [I am saddened that] the Hypermints are gone.

Apr 14, 2002

That's our editors!! [I am saddened that] the Hypermints are gone.

Apr 14, 2002

You anonymous coward. [I am saddened that] the Hypermints are gone.

Apr 15, 2002

ISTJ Security

Apr 15, 2002

Interesting. Internet Idiocy does not mean

Apr 15, 2002

Oh What IS adequacy all about????

Apr 17, 2002

Costume change? Linux Zealot and Economics 101

Apr 17, 2002

Ohio Linux Zealot and Economics 101

Apr 24, 2002

That must have been annoying. America - quite unwell?

Apr 24, 2002

They were fighting for Russia. ANZAC Day

Apr 25, 2002

Further evidence... America - quite unwell?

Apr 25, 2002

That's true. ANZAC Day

Apr 25, 2002

Viagra/Triangle? Reasserting America's Manhood

Apr 25, 2002

Lacking flavo(u)r Can you help me?

Apr 25, 2002

Turkey and Australia. Respect. ANZAC Day

Apr 28, 2002

Boom mike? Nya Nya Nya

May 01, 2002

Just fine. Thanks for asking. So, how are things at home?

May 02, 2002

Theft So, how are things at home?

May 02, 2002

It's happening everywhere. Sports and the Homosexual Cover-Up

May 02, 2002

Well, So, how are things at home?

May 02, 2002

Canadian graffiti Vandalism in the PRC

May 05, 2002

Here's why, xenophobe. Happy Tango-no-Sekku!

May 06, 2002

Why, just last weekend. Mandrake 8.2 : "a fucking disaster"

May 08, 2002

Hands up. Finally here

May 14, 2002

Cancer and the Catholic Church. The Dark Side of Cancer

May 18, 2002

Could be a she. The Heterosexual Geek's Guide to Feigning Homosexuality

Jun 10, 2002

"Shut down"? A final solution to the problem of Evil

Jun 12, 2002

It's, not bakery chocolate-chocolate chip muffin

Jun 14, 2002

Smokin' A poem for you all

Jun 17, 2002

Neither... A World Cup Feast

Jun 27, 2002

Err, no. bored, here's a poll for you

Jul 18, 2002

One Lord, many prayers Our Father

Jul 29, 2002

Cars, guns and heavy machinery Citizen Corps and TIPS - do they go far enough ?

Aug 04, 2002

Welcome!! New and Ready

Aug 05, 2002

LZ in the gym?! Linux Zealot contributes to the Open Source Community

Aug 08, 2002

Pssst, special offer. Today 8-08-02

Aug 09, 2002

Don't be such a snob. Today 8-08-02

Aug 10, 2002

Inner City, Surprising obscure facts.

Aug 11, 2002

Right. The merits of a Boeing Business Jet

Aug 11, 2002

Profoundly misled * Remember the Alamo!

Aug 12, 2002

Yes. Brian Dougans... Surprising obscure facts.

Aug 13, 2002

Excellent but LARGE souvenirs! Remember the Alamo!

Aug 15, 2002

What I can & can't find in the U.S. My vacation to America and what I found there

Aug 16, 2002

Ja My vacation to America and what I found there

Aug 16, 2002

Praise Allah for Adequacy Another mindless link.

Aug 16, 2002

True, but My vacation to America and what I found there

Aug 20, 2002

You're right. My vacation to America and what I found there

Aug 29, 2002

Rub-a-Dub-Dub The Internet, Pornography, and Masturbation are destroying college students

Aug 29, 2002

Editors, A place to lurk?

Aug 30, 2002

Settle down Mr Isn't! A place to lurk?

Sep 04, 2002

Wind farming. Farmers: indolent criminals

Sep 10, 2002

Incredulations! An announcement

Sep 10, 2002

Nope. I am now a 31337 h4x0r !!!

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