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Feb 03, 2002

Belle lettres de jour! Down Time

Feb 03, 2002

Gracias Let's get this straight

Feb 03, 2002

Slap them around a little Torture - it's inevitable, so lets do it right !

Feb 03, 2002

Normal People A Beautiful Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Feb 04, 2002

What's That Running Down? Your Leg? Let's get this straight

Feb 04, 2002

In re: Ars Matematica A Formal reminder.

Feb 05, 2002

I Repeat Myself with Alacrity as the Need Arises. Just read this.

Feb 05, 2002

Rule Britanistan The supposedly civilized Europeans. (A WARNING TO ALL AMERICANS)

Feb 05, 2002

The River Am I getting old?

Feb 05, 2002

New Product for Men The Motherland

Feb 06, 2002

Close Call Boys can never be sexually abused by women

Feb 07, 2002

And I admire that! The Genital Offensive

Feb 08, 2002

A versatile tool The Genital Offensive

Feb 08, 2002

Maybe it's because... 9/11 and Class Conflict

Feb 09, 2002

Don't Forget! damn

Feb 10, 2002

Call for you on the White Courtesy Telephone The Genital Offensive

Feb 14, 2002

We'll See Circus Roboticus

Feb 16, 2002

Department of Reduncancy Department Getting My Way

Feb 19, 2002

Feh! Feminist Slanders Exposed by Orinoco

Feb 19, 2002

The Shame Caffeinated Mints: A Comparative Review

Mar 05, 2002

Testicular deficiency at Adequacy is full of fascists

Mar 06, 2002

Discipline is what is wanted here Testicular deficiency at

Mar 06, 2002

Thank you. Testicular deficiency at

Mar 06, 2002

I'm SO SORRY! Testicular deficiency at

Mar 07, 2002

Droll Testicular deficiency at

May 17, 2002

I am not happy My Mexican Vacation.

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