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May 14, 2002

Criticism noted, but... The Dark Side of Cancer

May 17, 2002

re: very sound advice The Heterosexual Geek's Guide to Feigning Homosexuality

Jun 27, 2002

Photos as per your request! I am a Milky-Smooth Adonis

Jun 27, 2002

My answer... I am a Milky-Smooth Adonis

Jun 29, 2002

Everyone's high on Jesus in Utah I Believe in Negroes

Jul 15, 2002

It's the pidgin-English of West Texas eSolutions Kidz Korner

Jul 15, 2002

Should be "McCartney" Dealing with Nazism in the Workplace

Jul 16, 2002

Be like Ricky Nelson eSolutions Kidz Korner

Jul 18, 2002

I agree Dealing with Nazism in the Workplace

Jul 19, 2002

I applaud your open-mindedness Dealing with Nazism in the Workplace

Jul 20, 2002

A dream of mine A dream of Communism and porno

Jul 23, 2002

I salute your world-view... eSolutions Kidz Korner

Jul 25, 2002

Of course Israel isn't founded upon racism Dealing with Nazism in the Workplace

Jul 29, 2002

I won't, my dearest karma John Dealing with Nazism in the Workplace

Aug 09, 2002

Three zen buddhists walk into a bar the weekend starts here

Aug 09, 2002

No! That is part of the test. Hi!

Aug 12, 2002

The path you can travel is not the true path Hi!

Aug 13, 2002

Confidential to Mr. Robo-Sleeve Confidential to Karel Jenczek

Aug 21, 2002

Anyone remember MEEPT? Trolling - A thing of the past ?

Aug 22, 2002

Brain-riddles test smar-telligence Allow me to introduce myself

Aug 22, 2002

No that is not right Allow me to introduce myself

Aug 23, 2002

Hey -- you're one of my buddies! My Online Buddies - WTF

Aug 26, 2002

Is anyone else noticing the brilliance of Alex K? Not Very Adequate

Aug 26, 2002

An explicitely gay name, at that.... eSolutions Discovers His Own Anatomy

Aug 26, 2002

And for their fine work in Africa and India Shit or Get Off the Pot

Aug 28, 2002

I name you Riddler eSolutions Discovers His Own Anatomy

Aug 28, 2002

Describe how you would edit the following comment why you should make me an adequacy editor

Aug 29, 2002

I Thank You eSolutions Discovers His Own Anatomy

Aug 29, 2002

Shit, of course you're miserable.... I hate myself and I want to die

Aug 30, 2002

Join the club, Ain't Adequacy Interview With Linux Torvalds

Sep 05, 2002

Sorry to burst your bubble, Baby... Linux Zealot Takes a Bath

Sep 06, 2002

Heads Up for Version 3.0 Fun with bible scriptures!

Sep 06, 2002

You will not sway me. Fun with bible scriptures!

Sep 09, 2002

A Better Proposition Fun with bible scriptures!

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