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   Comments by Slobodan Milosevic   


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Jul 23, 2001

And so the oppression continues... Destroyer

Jul 24, 2001

Re: Suck it up Destroyer

Jul 24, 2001

You are so out of line... Beating Children Saves Lives

Jul 24, 2001

Sorry... Beating Children Saves Lives

Aug 06, 2001

Wow, that was a well written story... Kicking the Cat

Sep 25, 2001

Don't let this article fool you... Milosevic, Sovereignty, and the War against Terrorism

Oct 13, 2001

Error! Feature: Flags

Oct 13, 2001

Re:Bah, amateur grammarian. Feature: Flags

Oct 13, 2001

I'll let you in on a little secret: Feature: Flags

Oct 13, 2001

How misguided are you? Feature: Flags

Oct 13, 2001

Please provide a source that backs up your claims Feature: Flags

Oct 17, 2001

I feel that the advice posted above is very My neighbors are foreigners, and they don't fly a flag

Oct 17, 2001

Elenchos: One of my nutty English papers.

Oct 17, 2001

alprazolam: Justice for the Victims of 9/11 ! :: (a minority viewpoint)

Oct 22, 2001

Collective Soul did not impress me... Kill Yr Idols: Kurt Cobain

Nov 10, 2001

dunno 'bout the rest of you... Some help for all you aspiring Santas.

Nov 16, 2001

I have to say that that was not much of a review.. Book Review: A pair of holiday novels

Nov 16, 2001

Although I may have been prejudiced in the past... Book Review: A pair of holiday novels

Dec 01, 2001

A couple of things: Women - The Myth of the Internet

Dec 11, 2001

I would like to see a poll. Happy Forking Holidays!

Dec 14, 2001

One thing you should do... Adequacy Update

Dec 14, 2001

ppppppppfffffffffffffffftttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!! welcome to adequacy

Dec 14, 2001

Please note: The Guide to the Cuisines of the World: Poutine

Dec 25, 2001

The above article is rife with paedophilia Review: Saint Luke's Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Dec 31, 2001

Lesbian? I Miss Hauntedattics

Jan 02, 2002

Signed drivers work Microsoft Windows XP Is Truly the Superior OS

Jan 05, 2002

While I have no doubt... Observations: Lord of the Rings

Jan 06, 2002

To try and compare a live concert to a recording.. Reexamining the Recording Industry

Jan 15, 2002

You disgust me Help Save Me!!!

Jan 16, 2002

I think you are sadly mistaken To all you Windows Criminals

Jan 16, 2002

You must be a troll. To all you Windows Criminals

Jan 16, 2002

I can't believe I'm writing this... To all you Windows Criminals

Jan 16, 2002

What exactly does that link show? To all you Windows Criminals

Jan 16, 2002

There is something wrong with your link. Luser makes ass out of himself

Jan 18, 2002

Preach on brother! Dude...

Jan 18, 2002

One question: I Admire Beauty from Afar

Jan 25, 2002

I feel that I would server as a better mascot Miss Adequacy 2002

Jan 29, 2002

What about the children of the Microsoft Why the GNU licence is a good thing

Jan 29, 2002

What is that thing on the right... Linux Zealot Gets Educated

Feb 03, 2002

Please, Mr. F.L. Arners... Windows XP: First Impressions

Feb 19, 2002

What does KMFDM stand for? Caffeinated Mints: A Comparative Review

Feb 19, 2002

This site is full of censorship. Shoeboy Is a No-Talent Plagiarist

Feb 28, 2002

This site is full of censorship. GPL goes to court: Part 2

Mar 01, 2002

This is a known hoax. Now I May Have Seen Everything

Mar 08, 2002

PotatoError is a rediculous conservative myth What is PotatoError, anyway?

Mar 10, 2002

This site is full of censorship. Adequacy stooping to Plagiarism?!

Mar 11, 2002

You, sir, are a dork. awww

Mar 13, 2002

About the only thing true about the title of this Exciting new diary

Mar 14, 2002

Who are you talking to? I feel so lonely

Mar 15, 2002

Please mod up parent! Chloedancer & Shoeboy's Homepage?

Mar 22, 2002

Yes Altoids are Curiously Strong.

Mar 22, 2002

I have no time for those that start sentences nothing can stop me now

Mar 22, 2002

This site is full of censorship. Altoids are Curiously Strong.

Mar 25, 2002

Crescendo This is my diary

Apr 06, 2002

I thought Adequacy only allowed orginal content in Like A Virgin

Apr 11, 2002

This site is full of censorship. Adequacy Quotes

Apr 29, 2002

Parse? Linux Zealot attempts to get laid.

May 04, 2002

A buddy of mine once tried to convince me that the Canada rules!

May 08, 2002

This site is full of censorship! Fascist Adequacy editors denying me my rights

May 08, 2002

Ummm, the slide is no longer missing. Linux Zealot (almost) Makes a Friend

May 10, 2002

A few little nit picky things A Replacement for C++?

Jun 10, 2002

My actions prove nothing I am deeply, I must say deeply offended

Jun 12, 2002

Would you please proofread your diary next time? We have another one

Jun 12, 2002

It is = it's Why Does This Site Make No Sense

Jun 20, 2002

I truly enjoyed the humour in the name "Tight I want a mistress!

Jun 29, 2002

What the Doctor said above is indeed correct A plea from a busy corporate executive

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