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Jul 20, 2001

On Christianity and Atheism Why Bother?

Jul 20, 2001

Of course Why Bother?

Jul 24, 2001

I can feel it Talkin 'Bout My Generation

Jul 24, 2001

You said it People hate Change... I hate people

Jul 31, 2001

Guilty of stupidity as charged My Stupid Shoulder (a multi-part saga)

Aug 01, 2001

Ouch My Stupid Shoulder (a multi-part saga)

Aug 02, 2001

Well Done The Real Darwin Awards

Aug 03, 2001

That's a good one Wow.

Aug 03, 2001

Quick Treatment My Stupid Shoulder (Part Two)

Aug 31, 2001

Another good example How to Lose Your Name by Succeeding

Sep 21, 2001

Two years is tough Run Away.

Sep 28, 2001

*sigh* Why I'm Glad The World Trade Center's Gone

Oct 02, 2001

Six months Linux Linux Linux Part Two - Crossing the Linux Fault Threshold

Oct 03, 2001

From Linux Zealot to Linux User Linux Linux Linux Part Two - Crossing the Linux Fault Threshold

Oct 04, 2001

Hardware compatibility Linux Linux Linux Part Two - Crossing the Linux Fault Threshold

Oct 08, 2001

The Emmys too An Early Analysis of Today's Attacks

Nov 13, 2001

Adequacy clearly becoming more professional Some major flaws in Evolutionary Theory

Nov 19, 2001

Fried CPUS DMG's spicy chilli-lemon chicken with toasted cashews

Jan 17, 2002

Why, thank you Evolution of a Software Engineer in One Day

Jan 17, 2002

Funny you should mention that Evolution of a Software Engineer in One Day

Jan 22, 2002

Gender What Sucks About Marriage

Jan 22, 2002

Knights What Sucks About Marriage

Jan 28, 2002

I tried to finish the quiz Where Do You Stand in the GNU World Order?

Feb 04, 2002

"This is funny..." Writing Satire For A Technical Audience

Feb 15, 2002

Leave Ann Coulter out of this We Licke Icke

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