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Jul 17, 2001

Bravo! The Malaise of the Middle Classes.

Jul 17, 2001

"Word Court" and "Human Rights" Bedtime for Democracy: Human Rights and other Bad Ideas

Jul 17, 2001

From A Recovering Porn Addict Winning The Battle Against Pornography

Jul 19, 2001

SUVs are bad, but inevitable SUV's Bigger and Better - The Ultimate American Dream

Jul 19, 2001

Addendum Netscape, the Light of My Life -- An Invention That Will Change the Way We Live

Jul 23, 2001

More evidence Sports- The direct cause of Racism in America today.

Jul 30, 2001

Comments Germany Eats Young in Attempt to Globalize

Aug 02, 2001

Third Edition is Blasphemous Dungeons and Dragons: Don't Let it Happen to Your Kid

Aug 04, 2001

stupid people can be useful Eugenics: The choice for a superior generation

Aug 04, 2001

Aesthetics (offtopic) Why America needs laws against flag burning.

Aug 04, 2001

an answer Eugenics: The choice for a superior generation

Aug 23, 2001

suggested reading Comment Display stuff | Philosophy stuff

Sep 12, 2001

A Response to Erica S. Raymond Why the Bombings Mean That We Must Support My Politics

Sep 14, 2001

freedom Why the Bombings Mean That We Must Support My Politics

Sep 22, 2001

A short history lesson Kill Yr Idols - Donald Knuth

Sep 24, 2001

Tip Hey jin

Sep 26, 2001

Women don't need education Kill Yr Idols: Usamah bin Muhammad bin Laden

Sep 28, 2001

An idea Mint Waltman Internet Ministry!

Sep 30, 2001

Gnu Apartment License (GAL) coming soon? Review: Linux Mandrake 8.1

Sep 30, 2001

a minor correction Review: Linux Mandrake 8.1

Oct 02, 2001

Why Linux Apologists Exist Linux Linux Linux Part Two - Crossing the Linux Fault Threshold

Oct 03, 2001

I'm actually making a serious post tonight: 'Free' software must not undermine our Freedom

Oct 09, 2001

Piracy Something Patriotic that The Geeks Can Do Right Now

Oct 12, 2001

Thieves are scum The universe is speaking to me...

Oct 13, 2001

Question A site to look at if you care to

Oct 14, 2001

Good review Review: Abstract Algebra, 2nd Edition

Oct 21, 2001

Divine Intervention Unlikely I am speechless.

Oct 21, 2001

Decline of popular websites Question about _____

Oct 29, 2001

Heh Porn

Nov 06, 2001

Frog envy My photos from Québec!

Nov 09, 2001

Troll? No. Looking For A Few Good Crusaders

Nov 09, 2001

Hmm Why Science Got Me and God Didn't

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