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Nov 26, 2001

Kylies anal preference The Semiotics of modern 'Popular' music - Symbolism and Discourse

Dec 24, 2001

Security, Microsoft, and You Security, Microsoft, and You

Jan 01, 2002

Greatest british non-invention Celebrating 2000 Years of British Achievement

Jan 14, 2002

My word... Linux Zealot in the Future

Jan 15, 2002

Zealot.... Linux Zealot in the Future

Jan 15, 2002

Re: Yeah OK Linux Zealot in the Future

Jan 16, 2002

Punk?? Hey Kids! Need a Band Name? Then Check This Out!

Jan 18, 2002

Maturbation.. Taboo: The Downfall of America

Jan 29, 2002

Unstable? Linux Zealot Gets Educated

Feb 03, 2002

Sorry, my HTML is lacking..... Linux Zealot Gets Educated

Feb 20, 2002

25 y/o Drivers America's Death Machines

Feb 20, 2002

Sorry, but no. Celebrating 2000 Years of British Achievement

Feb 24, 2002

Re: Not in Public Schools We Need Creationism In Our Schools

Feb 24, 2002

re: Before Big Bang... We Need Creationism In Our Schools

Feb 28, 2002

re: regarding your name... Caffeinated mints, and getting into the body you desire.

Mar 05, 2002

Soggy Biscuit Adequacy is full of fascists

Mar 11, 2002

Ooooh.... slipknot rock junior high Rock and Roll !

Mar 11, 2002

What does the RC do then? Rock and Roll !

Mar 12, 2002

re: learn to read.. Rock and Roll !

Mar 20, 2002

"True" Wiccans Wicca and the Insult to Religion

Mar 20, 2002

Obviously you haven't heard... Wicca and the Insult to Religion

Mar 20, 2002

Catholic school girls Why I want a Wiccan Wife

Mar 25, 2002

Esperanto Breaking Down the Language Barrier

Apr 02, 2002

Catholics The Treason of Creationism

Apr 02, 2002

Disorders? What mental illness do you have?

Apr 05, 2002

Bad attitude... Full Frontal Rudity

Apr 05, 2002

"pure fucking hell" Full Frontal Rudity

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