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Jul 11, 2001

Bah Hump Day News Wrap-Up #1: Where is Chandra Levy?

Jul 11, 2001

Obligations Obesity and the Jennifer Lopez Message

Jul 12, 2001

Same old Links for grown-ups

Jul 15, 2001

Please? Pretty Please? Homosexuality - Is it the next evolutionary step for mankind ?

Jul 16, 2001

Doh! Memoirs of an Ex-Southpaw: a Report from the Trenches

Aug 05, 2001

First v0te? Your favourite Serial Killer is:

Aug 05, 2001

Who would it stop? Why America needs laws against flag burning.

Sep 07, 2001

Nice MP3's are up.

Sep 12, 2001

Well... Perdida -- read this

Sep 26, 2001

To each his own Kill Yr Idols: Usamah bin Muhammad bin Laden

Sep 27, 2001

Many hours of work There's not enough meta-whining here.

Sep 27, 2001

Catch on? Tool

Sep 27, 2001

Oh, my. A Taliban Warlord answers YOUR questions.

Sep 28, 2001

Neat-o Moaners

Oct 01, 2001

Re: number 2 Review: Linux Mandrake 8.1

Oct 02, 2001

Dear CipheR, Review: Linux Mandrake 8.1

Oct 02, 2001

Might I suggest: lab monkeys

Oct 04, 2001

Me, too Hi Catfish!

Oct 07, 2001

What dumbasses In a fight, the winner would be

Oct 07, 2001

What also sucks An Early Analysis of Today's Attacks

Oct 15, 2001

My friend Peter, New rating system for adequacy

Oct 16, 2001

Sometimes, you just need a new word New rating system for adequacy

Nov 23, 2001

The same problem Dealing With Communism in the Workplace

Dec 08, 2001

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! The sky: a revisionist examination

Dec 08, 2001

How I know the sky is falling The sky: a revisionist examination

Dec 18, 2001

You sir, have no clue. Linux Zealot is Busted

Dec 19, 2001

Off topic Why oh why is it letting me post a diary as anonymous reader?

Jul 11, 2002

What the fuck, muthafuckas? The History of Rap.

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