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Sep 01, 2001

Hypocrisy An Essay on Microsoft

Sep 21, 2001

The myth of an unfinished project Kill Yr Idols - Donald Knuth

Sep 22, 2001

Hee hee *snicker* Kill Yr Idols - Donald Knuth

Sep 22, 2001

Schizophrenia is not multiple personalities Crazy, Like Me

Sep 23, 2001

Hmmm, no Positive reinforcement, the secret weapon!

Sep 30, 2001

Pathetic It's Over.

Oct 02, 2001

Yeah yeah Rescindment

Oct 10, 2001

Oh, thats not true Public service announcement

Oct 16, 2001

You are absolutely correct. Genetic Warfare and Matrilineal Cultures

Oct 29, 2001

He is incorrect _____

Oct 29, 2001

yeah right Religion: The Appendix of Modern Society

Oct 30, 2001

How ridiculous. Religion: The Appendix of Modern Society

Oct 30, 2001

Surely not Religion: The Appendix of Modern Society

Oct 30, 2001

Damn straight Twelve Steps Towards Eradicating Terrorism

Oct 30, 2001

I'm quite ready to answer Religion: The Appendix of Modern Society

Oct 30, 2001

Yes, kill them all! Why boys are better than girls

Oct 30, 2001

In my experience, that's not it. Why boys are better than girls

Oct 30, 2001

Don't worry I'm bored

Oct 31, 2001

Fellow shareware whore Guilt about shareware.

Oct 31, 2001

Simple reason tangential point off h.a.'s recent diary

Nov 01, 2001

They want to look good So.. I'm back to see the kid

Nov 01, 2001

I wasn't suggesting vanity So.. I'm back to see the kid

Nov 04, 2001

Hebrews weren't the only ones to circumsize Should we circumcize our boy?

Nov 09, 2001

Your analysis is bad Looking For A Few Good Crusaders

Nov 09, 2001

Huh? Studies.

Nov 10, 2001

further clarification Thanks everyone!

Nov 10, 2001

Yes, you're welcome Thanks everyone!

Mar 20, 2002

Another pedophile America - Land of the free ? Or home of the DEPRAVED ?

Mar 20, 2002

Not everyone is as noble as you Why I want a Wiccan Wife

Apr 06, 2002

*wipes tears from eyes* The Fundamentalist Epidemic

Apr 13, 2002

Request for Interview Who is your favorite assassinated politician?

Apr 30, 2002

Hah to you! Linux Zealot attempts to get laid.

Apr 30, 2002

This explains why there are more male scientists Am I a 75-cent whore?

May 01, 2002

nonsense This is sick

May 24, 2002

You are expected to be polite Diary Entry 24/05/02

May 25, 2002

Don't forget the french Women and the Internet

May 26, 2002

Pounds aren't mass measurements Diary Entry 24/05/02

May 26, 2002

Of course Women and the Internet

May 28, 2002

heretic Silly Quote

May 29, 2002

j00h r0k Hacker Culture and its Misportrayal by Media and Government

May 30, 2002

Win98 I hate the Open Source Community

Jun 11, 2002

Feature request New Feature

Jun 12, 2002

Utterly tasteless Why Does This Site Make No Sense

Jun 14, 2002

*sigh* A final solution to the problem of Evil

Jun 14, 2002

I have only praise Linux Zealot needs a job

Jun 15, 2002

It's not my fault Linux Zealot needs a job

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