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Due to the success of my recent postings and the questionable nature of the current activities here on Adequacy, I've decided it's time for me to take a more active role in the consumer facing work here at Adequacy,and take our success to the next level. My years of industry experience combined with the unmatched wisdom I've gained over the years should whip this site back into shape. For this reason, I will, starting immediately, be producing this little column to stimulate your brain cells, and keep our readers up to date with some of the "behind the scenes" goings-on at, the most controversial site on the Web.
work in progress

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  • As some of you may know, when I purchased the Adequacy website and associated intellectual property from its previous owners (a bankrupt firm of herbal viagra entrepreneurs) some years ago now, I had a very specific vision of what I was building. Despite how it may appear now, due to the marginal work by the Visual Design Team and the second-rate unprintable left-wing copy which has come to dominate the regular output, Adequacy was not thrown together over a week or two.
  • No, before this site was ready to show the world, I spent many long days and nights locked away in my home, planning. I cancelled my cleaning service and lived off Jolt cola and candy bars for a week, so that I might have some peace and quiet, and so that I wouldn't be distracted making sure that the pizza guy wasn't stealing my garden speaker system again.

  • I don't see how a civilised human being can exist without an income of at least US$500k. Any less than this, and the creative spirit is crushed under the weight of having to do every mundane task for yourself. Call it Politically Incorrect, but I hold to the Athenian view that civilisation is the tip, not the iceberg. It has to be the preserve of a tiny elite, supported by a vast edifice of the labor of others. Or to put it another way Egalitarianism Is Barbarism. When did you last see a piece of great art produced by a man who washed his own socks? When did you last see a piece of great art at all? I have great art hanging in my bathroom.

  • Looking back, I'm quite impressed that I stuck through it until the idea was fully ready. Honestly, I don't understand how women are content staying locked up in the house all day, it nearly drove me up the walls!

  • That's personal responsibility, by the way. They used to teach it in schools.

  • Speaking of women staying in the home, NakedAC will no longer be working with us, as none of her stories have been fit for printing for quite some time now. In fact, the following disciplinary and administrative changes are imminent:
    • John Montoya is an old family retainer, but 2973 words in a story about VA Linux is ridiculous. Final warning pending dismissal.
    • Seventypercent seems to think that "News for grown-ups" means "Crossword puzzles for children". Preliminary warning.
    • Bc's work is substandard, and I am told that his resume contains serious ommissions. Suspended on full pay for two weeks.

  • Anyway, I meticulously planned this site, and spent no small amount of time and money finding the right people to work with. Odd that after all that work on my part, and with my guidance along the path, Adequacy is what you see before you today. I've always said that no matter how carefully you plan something and no matter how much money you spend, you can always count on the group of dimwits you've hand selected to twist your vision into some sad parody of itself.

  • Gregory Bear had some fine words to say on this subject. LOOK IT UP!

  • One particular dimwit that I've rid myself of before, but who always seems to find his way back like a lost puppy dog is John Saul Montoya. Now, I've known John since I was at Stanford and he was at business school, but that is no excuse for the tripe he's submitted as his latest article. Now, I may be getting old, but I'm damn sure I didn't start a shady financial rag here on Adequacy. I won't have someone attacking innovative companies and driving their stock prices down. John, if you don't start writing the kind of articles we can actually use here on Adequacy, I'm going to have to speak with your father about finding a new, less well-paid sinecure for you.
  • I've never been interested in what financial analysts have had to say anyway. I've been investing the same way all my life and I've never had any problems. Why all the fuss over something that should be so simple? I've lost a bit of money here and there, but all that's required is patience and a bit of research.

    My investment strategy: the multitude are idiots. Look for the man of vision, the man who can transform society with the power of ideas. And bet on the multitude of morons, who will surely crush him.

  • Unlike what some sad individuals might tell you, I've made quite a bit of money on my own, completely aside from timing the IPO bubble just right. At the end of 1999, I sold fully 3/4 of my LNUX stock and put the money directly into the republican party. A man needs to contribute back to a society which treats him so well, I always say. It's hard to end up with a distinguished service cross if you're not willing to contribute to society.

  • Of course, I've voted Democrat all my life, but the Elbies have been among contributors to the GOP since the days of Taft, and I'm not going to let that tradition drop on my watch out of selfish personal politics. My grandad went without socks in the Depression to give a few cents from his wage packet to help support the party of "Missah Lincoln". I wouldn't expect you all to understand.

  • Playing football in my youth was something else I've always felt distinguished me from most others. It's something to be proud of. I always feel uneasy trusting people who were never sportsmen in school. How can you really communicate someone who has never plunged through the his way through the defense and crossed the goal line in the last play of the game? If they can't do it in a game, how can you be expected to rely on them in business? I'm suspendending bc until he has played a few games in a real man's sport. I will certainly feel a lot more comfortable relying on him then, and perhaps it will do something about his effeminate tendencies.

  • Go! Go! Go!

  • So, loyal readers, you now have an idea of what I will be doing to take Adequacy into the future, and from the nearly four dozen user comments I've read (or read summaries of) I know it's what you're looking for from us. Really, it's been this one vision all along, but we've been derailed by some of the questionable political beliefs of the editorial staff run rampant. I welcome your input, but not so much that I'm actually going to read your posts here; Mr Adam Rightmann and the unmarried Miss Perdida, the only two staff members who still retain my full confidence, will summarise the rest of them. Please feel free to comment in the space I have so generously provided for the purpose, below.

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