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 Implantable National Identification: Time for a Revolution

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One in twenty adult Americans will be incarcerated in their lifetime.

In 2000, one in every three hundred adults was a victim of violent crime.

A staggering amount of these crimes will go unpunished.
The violators will go unconvicted.
The victims and their families will go on without justice.

America, the greatest nation in the world, is also one of its most violent.

This trend must come to an end. And the only way it can end is with stricter citizen and inhabitant controls.

The social security system, the current de facto method of uniquely identifying a person is outdated; and the realm of possibilities is expiring at an exponential rate.

We can, through the use of biotechnology and micro-computing, implant each individual with a unique identification number, and use this to not only simplify everyday American life, but also to enable the stricter controls on criminals our country so greatly needs.

work in progress

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When American citizens are born, they are labeled with an identification number. Over the course of the years, they will be subject to several more: Social Security numbers, Drivers License numbers, telephone numbers, addresses, and maiden names - all legitimate methods of tracking an individual.

Realistically, the only current legitimate method a person has of identifying himself is through the usage of a plethora of plastic and paper cards. This is a hassle for consumers, employers, students and the elderly alike, as these identification numbers can be forgotten, and the identification cards lost. These methods of identification are used everywhere - job applications, credit applications, loan applications. They're used in education, they're used for government. And, of course, they're used in the identification of criminals in the justice system. But for too long, it's been too easy to shuck these various numbers. To live under an assumed alias, with falsified records and a fraudulent history. The various methods of tracking us have become flawed, if the common criminal is capable of shucking them.

We need a simplification of the identification process - a universal number, attached to each person at birth, to act as a end-all to identifiers. This one number would act as a social security number and a driver's license number, and even a method of contact. And, of course, a method of tracking, for those who would wish to try to commit a crime and then conceal their heinous act.

What we need is an American Identification Number (AIN).

Currently, there are several flaws in our various identification numbers. Firstly, they're all numbers. In a base-ten system, this leads to 1,000,000,000 possibilities for a social security number and a various number for drivers license numbers (approximately 100,000,000 possibilities for state identification numbers in the state of Pennsylvania). Currently, the social security number reserve pool is more than 30% exhausted, with older numbers being recycled upon death. The social security number system was created for a simpler time, when America was smaller, and could exist with solely a 10-digit numeric system.

A similar system, which would incorporate alphanumeric characters, not just numbers, could handle the unique identification of social security, a driver's license, military, and all other forms of identification. An 8 digit alphanumeric identification would enable 2.8 trillion unique combinations. A full 2.8 trillion possibilities for an identification could uniquely identify each and every person in the entire world for a millennia to come.

I said world. This brings me into my next point. This is an American Identification Number. Under this system, each and every person who steps onto the shores of America would be tagged with such a number. Violent crimes are not only committed by citizens of the United States. Criminals from overseas, on our shores, in our schools and workplaces on Visas need to be subject to the same tracking measures as our citizens.

I've also made heavy allusions to tracking. This is a necessity which we need to address. With the advancement in micro-computing and biotechnology, we now live in a society where this form of identification can be permanently attached to an individual. Through the usage of some advanced forms of barcodes, subdermal implants, even neuro-implants, we can permanently attach an American Identification Number to an individual; preventing its removal throughout the course of the person's lifetime. These numbers then can be scanned using special devices, issued to law enforcement, the military, even employers - a complete foolproof system of keeping track of each individual. With a national database of citizen and non-citizen information, think of the time this will save! An applicant to a job would only need to give his identification (or allow himself to be scanned).

Finally, we need a method of tracking all citizens to their exact current location. As the incidents of 9/11 have proved, criminals are everywhere, and they plot to do harm to the average citizen. It is in my opinion, and I'm sure yours as well, that a small sacrifice in privacy will go far in helping the greater good: a crime-free America. With the AIN system, we can also integrate a GPS tracer, allowing the justice system to track all criminals, and not only bring those who would harm society to justice, but serve as a reminder that a person cannot truly get away with crime.

With today's technology, it is possible to return to the values that made America great. No longer will we have to hide indoors at nighttime. We will not have to worry about walking down a dark alleyway. The ramifications of creating a unique, traceable identification system would go towards a long way of achieving the original goals our forefathers set: a state where each individual can freely pursue life, liberty, and happiness.

I think you can agree with me that, with the enactment of the AIN System, America will once again become the shining jewel of the world.

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