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 Galileo was wrong: a laboratory proof

Christopher Christian Gentile
I attend Patrick Henry College, a small liberal arts college in Ohio, the first of its kind for being exclusively geared towards home-schooled students.
work in progress

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One Jesus Prayer Coin:
One feather:
One stopwatch:


  1. Determine the weight of the prayer coin. Record this value.
  2. Determine the weight of the feather. Record this value.
  3. Assemble the above objects and take bring them to a suitable third-floor window.
  4. Release the coin out the window, taking care not to let it brush against the side of the building (which would slow its fall and produce erroneous results). Using the stopwatch, time how long the coin takes to reach the ground. Repeat several drops and take the average value.
  5. Proceed in the same manner with the feather, although it might not be feasible to keep the feather from drifting into the side of the building. Again, repeat several drops and record the average time.

Plot the results:


Striving to drive Satan out of the netherworld he inhabits, the Jesus coin fell straight to the ground in just over half a second. In contrast, the feather, kept aloft on the wispering of Angels, took nearly ten seconds to reach the ground, twice rising again into the air like Christ on Easter.

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