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Islam is the religion of:
Murder 12%
Suicide 0%
Fatwa 6%
Despair 12%

Votes: 16

 The Islamic Gene

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Aug 04, 2002
Is the Islamic gene dominant? Or does it just seem that way? Good God, they are everywhere these days aren't they? Black clad, crow-like harpies scuttling down the high street in their chadors and sandals with henna'ed feet and slaves in tow four paces to the rear. The curly headed little devil spawn with an infected sense of entitlement who closes the hotel elevator door in one's face. The dusky gent with the ill fitting green neon suit and the bad breath standing behind one in the NON EUROPEAN COMMUNITY AND NEGROES line at immigration, shoving and treading on one's heels in the push to get ahead. Heavens above!

So what is to be done? Shall we just sit here in economy class, tray tables and backrests in the upright and stowed position, and allow Islam to commandeer our lives and destinies and dash us to pieces on the rocky plains of non-accountability? Or shall we roll, Citizens? Hands up all in favor of a nuclear crusade.


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There's an easy way out of this. (none / 0) (#1)
by because it isnt on Sun Aug 4th, 2002 at 03:49:16 AM PST
Just nuke yourself with a bomb that only affects Arabs, developed by leading Israeli scientists. -- because it isn't

Wonderful news! (none / 0) (#2)
by Anonymous Reader on Sun Aug 4th, 2002 at 04:07:48 AM PST
This is wonderful news! The true Islamic Bomb we have all been waiting for!

The solution (none / 0) (#3)
by Anonymous Reader on Sun Aug 4th, 2002 at 09:54:19 PM PST
Were I work, all peoples of islamic decent use the "buddy system". Much like our nations "federal banks", all islams are constantly followed by a security guard, or another non-islamic employee. This reduces the threat of terrorism in our offices and factories, and makes the other employees feel more secure. We have a "one strike you are out" policy. Any diplays of threatening muslim behaviour (such as wearing a turbin) will result in immediate dismissal.


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