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 Morocco invaded Spain and no one moved a finger

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Jul 31, 2002
Mass media of all over the world are fooling us everyday. This situation is well known by everyone, but it renders specially pitiful when it happens that you can see how a foreign country (Morocco) invades your country (Spain) and there is no coverage of the disaster on any major newspaper or TV station. In the following lines I'll try to explain the real facts about this serious and unknown international crisis.
The main thing that should be revealed to the general public is the real motivation of Morocco to invade Spain: the control of parsley in the international drug market. As any pot-head out there knows, Morocco is the major producer for the "Triad of Holy Herbs" (parsley or "petroselinum crispum", salvia or "salvia divinorum" and marijuana or "cannabis sativa"). Troops belonging to Morocco's army landed on Spanish territory known as "Isla del Peregil" ("Parsley Island") on July 11 in a desperate attempt of refloating Morocco's drowning economy by the means of getting control over the inmense crops of parsley which grow on that hugue piece of Spanish land located a few nautical miles from Morocco's coast. Neither Spanish authorities nor Morocco's ones have published any official casualties report yet, so it seems that the general public is being deprived of the gory details, pretty strange thing in this mad era of serial killers and raping priests, and the only explanation for this is that none of the two interested parties wants to attract any kind of attention over this obscure conflict wich exposes one of the most crude faces of the always sinister and gloomy world of international narcotics trade.


The reason is simple. (none / 0) (#1)
by MessiahWWKD on Wed Jul 31st, 2002 at 02:51:12 PM PST
Nobody cares about Spain. If Spain can't protect themselves after being a world power for many centuries, then they deserve to be invaded.
Guardian angel, heavenly friend, walk with me 'til the journey's end.

this war is no joke (1.00 / 1) (#3)
by Juan Fernandez on Wed Jul 31st, 2002 at 03:55:02 PM PST
After reading your silly post anyone with a working brain could easily guess that you never saw innocent people suffering and dying, slained by the merciless sword of economic interest. We Spaniards are human beings after all, maybe our technology is not as developed as yours but we are far from being such a barbarian race as Spartans, Vikings or Canadians. I'm talking about slave children forced to work in the parsley fields, hundred of poor hopeless addicts dying each year because overdoses and now even military forces from an Islamic country using full power against one of the members of the proud "European Union", this gas balloon that is sinking hundreds of million people into poverty and despair. And meanwhile all what international community does is broadcasting that weird french carnival with bicycles and doped froggies with shaved legs. We need help from the USA, drugs, nurses, not sarcastic and cruel posts.

Rated "1" for insulting Le Tour (none / 0) (#4)
by jvance on Wed Jul 31st, 2002 at 10:29:31 PM PST
You contradict yourself, sir. It appears that despite the best efforts of Miguel Indurain, Pedro Delgado, and Luis Ocana, yours is still a country of unwashed barbarian infidels.
Adequacy has turned into a cesspool consisting of ... blubbering, superstitious fools arguing with smug, pseudointellectual assholes. -AR

Late news (none / 0) (#2)
by walwyn on Wed Jul 31st, 2002 at 03:19:09 PM PST
You must live in LA, Sydney, or some other far flung outpost of civilization, not to know that this was resolved ages ago.

The Moroccans paddled the 200 yards back to the beach when Spain partially surrounded the sand castle they were occupying.

Morocco Invaded Spain AGAIN? (none / 0) (#5)
by jvance on Wed Jul 31st, 2002 at 10:37:34 PM PST
Where is Charles Martel when you need him?
Adequacy has turned into a cesspool consisting of ... blubbering, superstitious fools arguing with smug, pseudointellectual assholes. -AR

It is sad when the US betrays a wartime ally (none / 0) (#6)
by madtimebat on Thu Aug 1st, 2002 at 04:43:36 AM PST
Sadder still, Spain has never been a wartime ally of the US. WWI, Spain was nuetral. WWII, Spain was technically nuetral, but certainly sided with the facist nations. There were REAL battles where people died for IMPORTANT ground, not these minor fishing disputes.

The US media did show the disputed island, and it looks to be nearly connected to Morocco. It may have been a trick of the camera, but it certainly didn't seem to be "few nautical miles". Maybe a hundred "nautical" yards. The important part is that it gives Spain far more water territory, which I guess is important to Spain for fishing, fighting narcotics, and..... well..... claiming its territorial waters are bigger. I think it got about the right amount of news coverage. It wasn't the least important story of the day, but it certainly isn't in the top twenty. Come back when there ACTUAL casualties (which I can only hope there never will be over such an unimportant piece of rock).

Papa Legba (none / 0) (#7)
by Anonymous Reader on Thu Aug 1st, 2002 at 07:40:43 PM PST
Again I see the liberal media has lulled most of our readership into forgetting the lessons of history.

It was just a few centuries ago that the Moslem hordes overran spain, and it was only God's grace at putting the Spanish alps where he did that prevented them from moving further.

Now they're on the move again, and the West is deluded into ignoring it.

The terrorists have already won.

Nope! (none / 0) (#8)
by walwyn on Fri Aug 2nd, 2002 at 04:49:52 AM PST
Actually it was Christian Barbarians moving from down from the North murdering Jews, Moslems, and anyone who had a bit of cash, that turned Spain from a place of enlightenment, learning and wonder into the cruel, barbaric, and genocidal state it became.

You are obviously biased, Mister (none / 0) (#9)
by Juan Fernandez on Fri Aug 2nd, 2002 at 07:09:12 AM PST
Bullfighting sucks. Most people even here in Spain hate this bloody game where poor bulls are tortured and killed for fun, but in any case the dying being uses to be a bull (well it seldom happens that the bullfighter dies too but accidents happen everywhere, you know). In your country things are slightly different, as poor bulls cannot be tortured or killed you do that to some of your prisons' inmates. Over here at last we do not waste so much electricity in the proccess.

Inquisition sucked. Most people in this country is ashamed when this national episode comes to discussion, anyway we should not forget that people involved on those activities were dead some centuries ago, and anyway everything was caused by the degeneration of an ALIEN religion we were forced to follow at some point in the beginning of the first millenium, We Spaniards used to adore hugue tits and butts before those crazy christian sectarians began to roam here.

America's conquest sucked. It was a pity for those poor buffalos and, what the hell, for those red skinned guys as well. But once again I must remind you that all of those facts happened some centuries ago *and* that people responsible for that awful behaviour are not only dead but also that they were **your very ancestors**. Mine never left Spain.

You suck. I've taken a peek to your diary, and as anyone who thinks that the pronounciation of "Quijote" is "khee-ho-tay" and dares to talk about Spain at the same time sucks, you suck.

I'm glad you agree. (none / 0) (#10)
by walwyn on Fri Aug 2nd, 2002 at 07:31:35 AM PST
However, I'm not aware that in my country we have any policy of deliberately killing prison inmates either for sport or pleasure. Nor am I aware of any of my ancestors behaving badly to the native inhabitants of America. You seem very confused. I do admit, however, to having a relation who fought in the trenches defending Barcelona in 1937. Perhaps one of your relations was shooting at him?

sorry, it is you who agree with me (none / 0) (#11)
by Juan Fernandez on Fri Aug 2nd, 2002 at 08:40:19 AM PST
What you said about your "relation" who fought in the trenches of Barcelona in 1937 comes to reinforce my statements. It is just another demonstration that you English spoken people are more than prone to violence and war, specially if you can find it beyond your own frontiers boundaries.
The thing started with those funny half-naked blonde giants with horns on their caps coming from the north of Europe who killed one half of the population in continental Europe and raped the other half (They even visited Sevilla, deep inside south Spain, about year 700, sailing Guadalquivir River with their small and fast ships).

Some centuries later and as the result of the Viking custom of exile their worst criminals instead of executing them, the colonization of North America began, with thousands of those individuals arriving there raping, killing and destroying (by the way, meanwhile, in South America Spaniards conquerors used to breed with the natives instead of killing them).

Now time has come for you USA nationals spreading your violence all over not the world but the entire universe because the outstanding economical power you got after many centuries of stealing, murdering, blackmailing, hijacking and some other nasty techniques I do not know about but I'm pretty sure you do.

The only thing that isn't clear enough for me about all of this is: was your "relation" who fought in Spain a mercenary, some kind of soldier of fortune, or just another psichopath killing for fun?

You really are very confused. (none / 0) (#12)
by walwyn on Fri Aug 2nd, 2002 at 12:58:57 PM PST
Just what part of:
Actually it was Christian Barbarians moving down from the North murdering Jews, Moslems, and anyone who had a bit of cash
don't you understand?

The call came from Joaquin Maurin of the Partido Obrero de Unificacion Marxista for comrades to defend the government and my relation a naive 16 year old got on the next boat. Whether he enjoyed killing Spaniards I never knew, he later joined the Greek partisans on Rhodes.

You scare me, Mister (none / 0) (#13)
by Juan Fernandez on Fri Aug 2nd, 2002 at 02:42:45 PM PST
Jesus! after slain who knows how many Spaniards in Barcelona, your relation kept on spilling human blood over foreign lands, this time in Greece. As you said he was 16 I easily guess you start training your little dogs of war very early in that culture/country/family/whatever of yours.
Really, Mister, maybe I shouldn't have replied to your post and take the risk of attracting the attention of you or some of your bloody "relations" to this country of mine, Spain, a milenary culture which survives in a world full of barely two hundred years old ones.

You really are confused. (none / 0) (#14)
by walwyn on Fri Aug 2nd, 2002 at 03:27:22 PM PST
Either that or your lack of history is astounding if you believe that the XVth were in the Barcelona area.

Your math is poor too as my relation would have been 23 when in Rhodes. But I suppose we shouldn't be surprised at this as we've already seen your reading comprehension is none existant.

As for your manners, well I guess the nobility of the modern day Spanish has sadly declined, when one can openly admit to reading peoples diaries.

Have a nice day.

You waste my time sir. (none / 0) (#15)
by Martino Cortez PhD on Sat Aug 3rd, 2002 at 08:16:05 PM PST
Why are you telling us this? In todays economy, my hair stylist makes more in a day then the gross domestic product these two third world contries make in a year. Spain, and Morocco are no longer important figures in our national stage.

Both are ran by third world, hidiously ugly, bloated governments and populated by some of the most arrogant and disolutioned citizenry our world has yet to see. They walk around as if they matter to the rest of the world. Meanwhile, they have produced no major achievements, created no landmarks, released no important inventions, and have no worthwile exports. Their hayday was then Napoleon ruled and Spain claimed half the globe. In that era, Spain was a ferce and powerful war machine. Now look at them - they are off the map, nobody pays attention to them anymore besides cheap labor and low cost liquor and wine. Their army consists of poorly trained, drunken soldiers. And their labor force works 25 hours a week. Where were they when we bombed Iraq? Why did they not save Europe from Hitler? No! They were all at home on their fancy "vacations" while the rest of the world was at war.

When you look at the statistics - it's no wonder both countries have such a high suicide rate. They are done - finished. Never to accomplish anything significant again.

Please stop wasting my time and those of my peers posting about such matters. Nobody cares about these small, insignificant countries anymore.

Thank you,

Dr Martino Cortez, PhD
CEO - Martin-Cortez Financial Corporation
Copyright 2002, Martino Cortez.

Empires do fall... (none / 0) (#16)
by Anonymous Reader on Sun Aug 4th, 2002 at 03:06:27 AM PST
Dr. Guess which is the next one.

Sir (none / 0) (#17)
by Martino Cortez PhD on Sun Aug 4th, 2002 at 09:34:46 PM PST
The united states of America cannot fall. Unlike other obsolete forms of governance (such as most of europe & asia) - America is a thread of united states. This provides redundancy, as if one state were to fail, there would be 49 others to take it's place.

As you can see, the distrubuted nature of our allows us to never fall.

Dr Martino Cortez, PhD
CEO - Martin-Cortez Financial Corporation
Copyright 2002, Martino Cortez.

Hey! (none / 0) (#18)
by Anonymous Reader on Mon Aug 5th, 2002 at 06:36:10 AM PST
You must be a fantastic domino player.

I sink, hence I am, but not for long. (none / 0) (#19)
by Anonymous Reader on Mon Aug 5th, 2002 at 08:21:03 AM PST
Instead of falling, you'll fall into pieces. Randomly distributed?

Gore Vidal wrote an interesting book on the subject.


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