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 Microsoft Palladium

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Jul 18, 2002

Microsoft's Palladiumcould offer a new era in media sharingand security.

Palladium is Microsoft's new hi-tech solution in the battle against hackers and music piracy. The palladiumsystem is based on a concept from PARK developed during the 70's. The system basically comprises of a monitor/filter chip that sits on the bus of the motherboard. It works on a public key / private key system. Each system will have a unique private identifier RC5 key code on the board and a corresponding public key. Hackers have extreme difficultycompromising this level of security. This palladium chip listens in to the data if it finds a key discrepancy it is capable of intercepting the illegal data an isolating it.

Potential advantages include -

-Increased protection against Virus's and Trojan horse programs.

-A secure unique identity to seamlessly integrate with your Microsoft passport.

-Increased protection for children from unsuitable web content.

-Increased sharing of digital media.

Media sharing would be enhanced by the ability to deactivate a digital copy. You could loan some one your digital media (cooking book, music performance or family photos) and if they failed to return it to you in a fair time remove your side of the digital key thus rendering their copy useless.

However not every one is welcoming this new technology. Many crackers and music pirates are trying to prevent this system form being implemented. Others including users of the "free" operating system GNU/Lunix (invented by Lorenzo Treveolus) are worried Microsoft's motives. They fear that Microsoft is introducing this security system to prevent their operating system running. Needlessly fearing Microsoft's involvement despite the strong interest of chip manufacturers such as AMD and INTEL.


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