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 Sir, Wherefore art thou adequate?

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Apr 30, 2002
Good day to the editors, and the low-order worker bee's whose industrious slave labor has provided me and my kind with much riches. I trust the website is running smoothly without my presence? Many of you have been writing my office wondering where have I gone?

As usual, my business has kept me from posting as much as I would like on this fine site. As many of you know, the expansion of my baby seal skinning factory is well underway.

Also, as many know, I have been in charge of maintining the Who owns voting stakes in Adequacy list. Clearly I will update this herewithin.


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As of April 30, 2002: Who owns voting stakes in Adequacy
  • updated Bill Gates - %35 (up 10%!)
  • new! Enron, Inc. - %10
  • updated! The Adequacy Editors - %13
  • Paul G. Allen Foundations - %15
  • AOL Time Warner, Inc. - %9
  • Martin-Cortez Financial Corporation - %7
  • Viacom Cable, Ltd. - %7
  • General Motors - %7
  • Phillip Morris - %3
  • Dow Jones & Company, Inc. - %3
  • Pulitzer Inc. - %2.7999
  • updated! American Greetings - %1
  • Landmark Communications - %1.5
  • Showboats International- %0.5
  • updated! Mr. Witherby- %1.2001
  • No Investment Advice by Martino Cortez & The Adequacy Editors (herewithin refered to as ADEQUACY): You understand and agree that ADEQUACY does not recommend any security, financial product or instrument, nor does any mention of a particular security in this website constitute a recommendation by ADEQUACY to buy, sell, or hold that or any other security. ADEQUACY does not offer or provide any investment advice or option regarding the nature, potential, value, suitability or profitability of any particular security, portfolio of securities, transaction, investment strategy or other matter. You understand and acknowledge that E*RADE provides no tax, legal, or investment advice. You assume full responsibility for your investment decisions. </td>


    Interesting energy-market ownership. (none / 0) (#1)
    by because it isnt on Wed May 1st, 2002 at 02:15:38 AM PST
    I'm surprised to see Enron still holding ADQC stock. I would have thought that Exxon-Mobil would have snapped that up at the liquidation sale. -- because it isn't


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