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What's scarier?
Miss Cleo 11%
David Beckham with a pussy head 0%
Windows 98 panties 77%
Saddam 0%
Graham Norton 11%

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 People deserve to be screwed by telephone sidekicks

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Feb 25, 2002
Miss Cleo (My hero) is being sued by the Feds back home. (Feds meaning tyrannical dickheads.) For those not American, but still reading my American tainted perspective, Miss Cleo was a saint who responded to the mass of ebonics enquiries regarding the father of someone's baby in what's now known as "the ghetto."

This lovely woman was indeed blessed with the third eye testing ability that far exceeded the accuracy of modern DNA analysis. In the wee hours of the morning, lonely for company, I would fantasize about her informing me I would write a book, make lots of money and indeed become what's now known as a success. Unfortunately, due to my own restrictive "900" block on my phone (to prevent hijinks from my roommate at the time.) I never quite ventured past her velvety recording on the 800 number.

I'm now appalled at the accusations that this wonderful late night icon could possibly be a fake. To insult such a respected profession as fortune telling is ignorant in the highest. Can't the FCC see that these are honest people, trying to make an honest living? So they do it with the third eye, that shouldn't be an issue any more than doing a job with one or two. Additionally, I think that our T.D. are making a huge mistake by publicly slamming these gifted individuals. I mean, if everyone's third eye was focused in the same place and they were all really, really mad, then aren't we just asking for more atrocities? Forget about the followers of Allah, fear the followers of Miss Cleo.

In closing I'd like to state that I support Miss Cleo's enterprise. An honest woman's work, holding down the traditions of Gaia and all that.

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