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Lindh's new look
Less open-toe sandal. More combat boot. 33%
Less roasted desert rat. More beans and rice. 0%
Less "Death to American Infidels". More "I thought it was a field trip, your honor". 66%

Votes: 6

 Random Taliban Musings

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Feb 14, 2002
Just some thoughts.

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1. If there isn't already, there will soon be a rock band calling themselves "American Taliban"

2. Has anybody noticed the before-and-after pictures of John Walker Lindh?

Before: Berkeley
After: Texas A&M

Before: Richard Stallman
After: Eastern Montana Militia

The new look is supposed to make him look like less of a nutcase. Just something to think about....

3. We cannot dismantle Western Liberal Democracy, convert to an Extremist Muslim Theocracy, and kill anyone who disagrees with us. That would almost be like giving in to the terrorists.


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