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 New mess

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Jan 28, 2002
Well, its my first diary entry.

I am slightly drunk. Half a bottle of wine. Not a lot, though enough to makes it presence felt.

I've been trying to configure my little two computer LAN (win98 and debian boxes) after discovering that I hadn't fried the Debian box after all. Good. Drinking and configuring are two things that are not happily meshed.

Talking of meshed, I mean messed, doing all this jiggery-pokery has left me surrounded by books and bits of computer. Arse. I have to go to bed soon and I can't see the damn thing.

Ok. This is stupid. I've never done one of these diary things. Who exactly am I writing it for? If its just for me why am I posting it on the Internet? Why does word97 see internet (with a little 'i') as a grammatical mistake? Does anyone else care? Can I go now?

Finally, I have decided to join here after perusing that other site (please don't ask which, you know which) and not being pleased. I'm not saying that I am in any way superior (I shall talk some more on this subject later) but rather that I find all the gibbering to be too much. All the sycophantic, ill thought-out, squawkings of a quarter of a million fan boys, incessantly going on about how great linux is and how M$ is the devil, blah blah blah. How tiresome. I use linux. I use Win98. I'd sorely miss them both. Linux just doesn't have the games. Win98 just doesn't have the power or the triple F (fun fiddling factor), and programming on win98 is just a joke.

Anyways, like I said before, I am drunk, tired and have to shove things off my bed in manner that will prevent my crushing them in the morning.

before I go though, I would just like to say, I am a man of few opinions that are set in stone. I like to be educated. If you can point out something that will alter my viewpoint, help me see the wider picture or just plain kick me in the teeth and say "shut up you nonesense-speaking fool" then thats fine. I hope I can repay the favour.



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