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 It's good to be back

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Jan 20, 2002
Ahh.... After [let's see] 1,2, ah yes, 16. After 16 months, it's nice to be back in form. However, I do miss Craig -- it's a shame that, based upon my uninformed and cursory examination, he's nowhere to be seen. This is a great shame, considering how close we are to what is sure to be the premier event of the 21st century.

I do remember celebrating her 18th birthday. Then, I suddenly and mysteriously disappeared -- only discover that I'm now approximately 20 miles away from where I was, now seated in front of a laptop and an AOL connection.

I'm sure they're watching. They always watch. Oh yes. Watching and reading and watching and reading. They're waiting. Waiting. Just like me.


I happen to enjoy soy cheese.

Your lucky numbers are 3,3,3,3 and 3.


The wanderer returns! (none / 0) (#1)
by iat on Sun Jan 20th, 2002 at 10:28:25 AM PST
Are you going to tell us all where you've been? We thought you'd died, and were all sick with worry.

Now that you're back, you can start writing some articles :) - love it or leave it.

Welcome back :) (none / 0) (#2)
by Jon Erikson on Mon Jan 21st, 2002 at 10:18:17 AM PST
You're alive! Wow. Now who're we missing? ;)

Jon Erikson
Senior consultant, NPO Technologies


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