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 Further Down the Rabbit Hole

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Jan 01, 2002
Happy New Years to All, plus some random thoughts.
Happy New Years!!!

Fireworks are worth the money. Spend lots on fireworks, or at least know someone who can sneak them out the back of a fireworks tent to you.

Diet Coke with Lemon sucks. It sucks alone, and it makes anything you mix it with ten times worse.

Play American Magee's Alice. That game fucking rocks...I wasn't originally a fan of Alice (Disney killed it for me), but now I'm going to read both Alice's Wonderland Adventures and Through the Looking Glass.

People should lay off the WoD (War on Drugs). Contrary to popular belief, most drug offenses are non-violent. The other ones can be booked as what they really are. I'm no pot head, but I don't think the government should be able to regulate what goes into my body, and people should stop the mindless persecution of marijuana smokers.

I can't muster anymore random thoughts atm. Stay tuned for more later though.


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