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Poll should cover more
hakker issues 20%
kewl stuff like lunix 0%
defense of capalist paragons of virtue like macrosoft 0%
natalie portman. No, she should be UN-covered. 20%
whirled events 0%
defense of right thinking people like Jerry Fatwall 0%
whining and self righteous stuff. There's just not enough of it 10%
exposure of communists in our country. 30%
deconstructionist postmodern explainations of toasters and stuff. 20%
working class issues. Yeah! Fight the Man/Womon! 0%

Votes: 10

 My new year's resolution ...

 Author:  Topic:  Posted:
Jan 01, 2002
... is to help transform into the most informative and intelligent sources of news and opinion on the web, by making perceptive comments and possibly submitting informative and thought provoking stories. If we all pitch in, we can end up with a community that will make slashdot sound like a bunch of gossips by the picket fence and kuro5hin sound like a stuffy boring cocktail party where nobody ever belches. How's about it, folks?

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