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 A software and governmental proposal

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Sep 27, 2001
As a concerned citizen, I am troubled by various aspects of the world today. These may seem unrelated at first, but I believe that there is a common solution.

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Headline of the day
I think everyone will agree that Information Technology is the most vital component of our contemporary economy, more important than any other political issue. Like many people, I am deeply troubled by the insistence of certain I.T. professionals in using obsolete text-based interfaces to their computers. extensive research has proven that graphical interfaces are faster and more efficient that text-based interfaces, although certain less-perceptive individuals have the illusion that the command line is faster. This is because the slight mental effort of remembering command parameters overwhelms the brains of these "server monkeys", giving them the illusion that they have not wasted their time. When reckoned up, the inefficiency of this costs the economy billions.

I am also troubled by the perilously balanced state of the economy. The tax costs of launching our noble operation "Infinite Justice" may even push us into recession. Furthermore, the carping, insolent criticism of our finest corporations could hamper the economy still further.

Fortunately, all these issues can be addressed with single, simple solution. I propose a command-line tax. The advantages of this are clear.

  1. Individuals would be discouraged from using this wasteful, inefficient technology
  2. Extra revenue could be raised to finance our noble crusade against the barbarian
  3. The move towards graphical interfaces would benefit our corporations, and hence ourselves.
I shall shortly be launching a lobbying group for this proposal. In the meantime, I urge you to contact your political representative with your support.


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