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 The bus.

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Sep 25, 2001
Rode the bus to Spokane this weekend...

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Night buses must be the best. The people were all sedate, so I could read with one of those moody little light bulbs focused on my lap. I haven't ridden greyhound much and was anticipating that I'd hate it, but didn't. One rider decided I absolutely must have some pot, so at every break he'd ask, and I kept saying no; somehow it was just funny and not annoying. Coming out of Spokane on the way back, the sunset was wonderous.

On Saturday we smelled some flowers, looked at some big cuddly fish, admired the Safeway and some plastic. Elenchos lives with a small herd of adorable, freaky animals. His clingy cat gnawed on a bird for a while, and his lovely white dog slept inbetween walks. The other dog is smaller than the cats.

Oh, and here's a nest in a bookstore, left over from last week.


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