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 On the attacks (Nimda, not WTC)

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Sep 19, 2001
The nimda worm is spreading like wildfire by attacking multiple security holes in Microsoft products like Outlook, IIS, and Internet Explorer.

While working today, I've watched page after page of break-in attempts on my webserver scroll by in a terminal window showing the apache access log.

As a community service, I have written down some suggestions on how to survive the virus and worm attacks that have plagued the web lately. If you have been hit, read on...


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First of all, the problem with buggy software is not likely to go away; for the foreseeable future, we'll just have to live with it. The only problem we can hope to attack, is the ability for worms to spread.

The reason worms spread so easily is because most people have been fooled into using the same software, which also means everyone will have the same security holes. The Microsoft monopoly is not only bad in terms of insane pricing and lack of choice; it is also a huge security risk.

You can help stop the disease! It's a simple matter, really. You must immediately install some obscure operating system, a feature-free browser, and an email client without scripting support.

A wide variety of software will ensure that worms and viruses are incompatible with most systems they encounter, limiting the number of infected systems and decreasing the network load caused by mass attacks. In addition, the lack of scripting support will make it difficult for viruses to do any real damage.

I'm sure this cure will not be easily accepted by the large pro-microsoft crowd at adequacy, but I am cautiously optimistic. Ever since I tried to warn adequacy with a subliminal message a couple of weeks ago, the Microsoft threat seems to be taken more seriously by adequacy readers.


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