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 Live in a Nice Place; Virgin; Fat; College Student; Left-Liberal; Never Done Diary; Is Wondering Abo

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Sep 16, 2001
I said everything I wanted to say in the title....

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Then again, it's fun to ramble on in entire sentences as well. I'll describe each semicolon break in totality. Yup, I live in Hawaii. I'm so spineless when it comes to women that I've never even asked one out. Yeah, I'm fat; please refer to previous sentence. I'm a college college. I'm really rather intelligent but I've never done well in school. In fact, I've always done badly (almost didn't pass at some points in grade school, I did horrible last semester). Yup, I'm left-liberal; I got the really short poli-sci test to prove it. Never been to this site until today, looks pretty good. The rest are self-explanatory.


I was wondering... (none / 0) (#1)
by Kintara on Sun Sep 16th, 2001 at 08:41:35 PM PST
about the title length. I now have my answer.... Anyway, the preview wasn't indicative of the actual title length.

You had so much going for you (5.00 / 1) (#2)
by osm on Sun Sep 16th, 2001 at 09:56:39 PM PST
Until the left-liberal part. I'm sure you will find your life more successful as soon as you abandon the ways of the bleeding heart, tree-hugging socialist/communist bed-wetter.

Oh yeah... (5.00 / 2) (#3)
by osm on Sun Sep 16th, 2001 at 09:58:26 PM PST
and a grossly unhealthy obsession with Natalie Portman wouldn't hurt either.


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