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 Wish You Were Here

 Author:  Topic:  Posted:
Aug 07, 2001

I just got off the phone with HP tech support. I've officially just fixed a professor's computer, and thusly proven my worth for the day...


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Today's been a real rollercoaster. My job confidence has taken a 1929-style noce-dive, and my confidence with it. Then, I got some work done and got an interview at a very nice potential employer, and suddenly I feel a lot better, though I must admit that there are lingering uncertainties...

So tonight I am going to get back on the treadmill. I've been relaxing a bit too much since my severe cold made me too ill to make it to my daily workouts.

Fortunantly, I'm still enjoying the weight loss my workouts have given me, and while I'm not losing any more, at least I'm not gaining any weight. Right now I've lost a little over five pounds, and that took two weeks. That means I've got nineteen weeks left 'till I hit my ideal weight. Twenty weeks will put me right at Christmas, and just a day after Yule. That's perfect, since I plan on taking my girlfriend on a vacation around that time. Perhaps something international. Electric Angst will be at his physical best when he's presented to the world...

Ah, I'm starting to feel even better. I've been doing a little arguing with trhurler on K5, and while I know that I have a long way to go before I reach the level of profeciency on issues that would qualify as "badass", I feel like I'm starting to reach a more firm level in my arguments.

Who knows, maybe I'm growing up...

So, there isn't much else to say. My life feels like it's getting better, after reaching a rather low point earlier today. I just hope this asending lasts through my interview tomorrow. This job would be a really great place to work, better money, and a more professional enviornment. True, I wouldn't get as much K5 time, that is, 'till I got a Palm with a cellular modem.

So, I'm out now. Here's wishing all you Adequacy people a great day.


very soon (none / 0) (#1)
by alprazolam on Tue Aug 7th, 2001 at 05:55:32 PM PST
i'll read nothing on k5 except for eluddite's comments. however you do have a certain inflammatory flair that could be nurtured, thus rendering you proper entertainment.

Diminishing returns (none / 0) (#2)
by Anonymous Reader on Wed Aug 22nd, 2001 at 01:37:49 AM PST
Well, good luck on the weight loss - but fair warning - you're still going through the "easy to loose weight". You'll hit harder times soon, but don't let it discourage you - it just means your body is closer to equilibrium

Of course, by then you'll be in better shape and will be able to step up your efforts... hang in there


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