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My favourite fascist dictator(s) is/are:
Slobodan Milosevic 0%
The editors 40%
Michael Sims 6%
Adolf Hitler 0%
Pol Pot 13%
The American Capitalist pigs 40%

Votes: 15

 What really bothers me about this place...

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Aug 06, 2001
A glance into the boorish hellhole that is

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"Dr." Martina Cortez "PhD"
I am deeply, I must say deeply offended
Okay, here we go. What really bothers me about this place. The lackadaisical (note that I would have provided a link to Merriam-Webster, however they do all their lookups using cgi, and do not allow one to directly address a word's definition) attitude that many editors have towards grammar and grammatical correctness. Take as an example this latest pole. The question asked is who is your favourite serial killer. Perfectly fine, except that this is a poll. It is not a person that is asking me this question, it is a query regarding my opinion of the listed choices. Which one is my favourite. So there you go. The grammatically correct phrasing of this query would have been: "My favourite serial killer is:"

That's all for today boys and girls. Tune in next week, when Uncle Slobo will again present his thoughts on the state of the world at large.

Tweet consults with professional linguists. (5.00 / 1) (#1)
by em on Mon Aug 6th, 2001 at 09:52:43 PM PST
You can be assured that among our staff there are people on the top-pier of the linguistics profession who, in response to your petty grammar whine, would simply recommend you go try get a life.

Prescriptive grammar is oppression-- it is simply the codification of an unholy combination of (a) high class speech and (b) idiotic and sensless bourgeois folklore like "double negations" and "ending sentences with prepositions" as the "correct" way to speak, and denial of status to other, more sensible manners of speaking for most everyday purposes.
Associate Editor,


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