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I prefer erotic fiction:
From a male's point of view. 20%
From a female's point of view. 60%
From a third-person point of view. 20%

Votes: 5

 34 Cent Stamps.

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Aug 06, 2001

Word to elenchos, the first of many to send my porn/erotica to fit into the upcoming fiction piece I'm writing. Things are starting to shape up, but there's room for a little more, so if you feel inclined, be sure and send your stuff to me.


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So, that's pretty much it for now. I'm feeling a little bit woozy, and I'm not really looking forward to hunt for new barback positions tonight. I mean, I get nervous enough getting interviews for jobs at the University, where I can do the whole thing online without contact with another human being. Having to go around soliciting managers for work is even worse... (Yes, I realize that this could be taken as a very keen insight into my psyche, and how it's an obvious sign that I'm a typical anti-human contact geek, but I'm going to ignore that for now...)

I've figured out what I'm going to write for Something Awful (once it finally starts allowing new user again). I'm going to write a piece who's content was once referred to by someone online as "Ender Trolling". Basically, writing about how children are less intelligent, less insightful, and generally inferior to adults. How they should really learn to shut up and listen to people, and I figure I'll be doing this in some kind of structured way. (For example, a rant against high school "creative writing" classes, because kids will only write shit and it's a waste of time... It still needs some refining...)

So, we'll see how that ends up. Now I'm going to leave you with a poll...


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