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 That girl thinks she's the queen of the neighborhood.

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Aug 24, 2001

Well, it looks like there's a young, fresh-faced Democrat who's going head-to-head with Phil "Stupidest Man in the Senate" Graham (R-TX) this next election. I feel sorry for him. Graham may be stupid, but he's got huge war-chest built up, and the fact that he can put a "kindly old man" face on his horribly vicious conservative politics has been a huge help.

There is hope, though: this young Democrat played College Football.


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He graduated from UT (BA buisness) and from Texas Tech (Law), so he's got the Texas credentials. There are two other Democrats who might run (but aren't official yet), Dan Morales, a nice enough guy and the former Attorney General, and Ron Kirk, mayor of Dallas (who's learned to convince Republicans to vote for him, but who's black, and thusly a much harder candidate to elect thanks to places like East Texas.)

I'm going to end up volenteering for this campaign, because I think it will be the right thing to do. Graham has caused a great amount of damage in the Senate, and getting him out would be fantastic. It will be hard to do, thanks to the general apathy people have during non-presidential elections, but it is certainly not beyond hope.

Who knows, one day, perhaps there will be some guy writing into his web log about how he heard that I'll be running for Senate, and how he wants to volenteer on my campaign... (Well, we can dream, can't we?)

That's about it for me.


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