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 As if I didn't have my own worries...

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Aug 23, 2001
Well, here it goes, my first "computer" diary.

[editor's note, by em] Moved text to the "Extended Copy" part.

I had this account for about two months, and I never used it, mainly because I don't really trust the on-line jurnal. Too many people can read it, if adequacy goes down, my writings also go down, it is not as elegant as an old fashioned notebook, and lacks that little romantic "something",which is possesed by all hand written diaries, hidden under beds from the eyes of all, containing true secrets of their owner,sometimes passed onto the new generations as the greatest reminders of the past. Still, I decided to start writing my journal on the internet, simply to experience with it, and maybe I'll end up liking it, who knows. For now it will only contain some basic facts from my life, and it won't be too personal. Originaly my first entry was supposed to be some sort of deeply sophisticated introduction to my world, but all that pretty much went to hell and fucked itself after I recieved the news about what this one girl did yesterday. I can't stop thinking about it, I can't really give any details as to exactly what happened, all I can say is that I never thought that anyone could be this stupid. I should print out the obtained info and give it to the science so it can be studiet as the prime example of human idiocity. As I said, I should not go into details here, lets just say that this one girl decided to take revenge on her boyfriend withought realizing that she was actually taking revenge. In order to take that non-revengeful revenge, she completley DEGRADED herself, showing that she has no self respect, and then said it was done in order for her to become a better girlfriend, or something like that. This is a part of a rather strange and complicated story, which is involving even MORE complicated people. I haven't been involved in this for a while,even though I tried at a certain time,I screwed up very badly and remained "outside" of it for the past few years.But now I see that it might be time for me to step in. Things are going where they should not be going, it all may inquire my intervention, and I'm not sure as to when and how am I supposed to do that. Hopefully I won't have to. But if shit continues happening , this girl might as well end up hurting herself, someone should help her, and all her friends don't really seem to be good candidates. Not to mention her current boyfriend, who has been acting in an extra self distructive manner. In the beggining I only used to worry about him, hoping she would help him out. Guess I could not be more wrong. As if I didn't have my own worries... Miss Elizabeth is going to UM all by herself and I fear she will not make it in one piece, she has no idea how to live in the "real world", plus she is so pessimistick about it, which only makes her situation worse, that little Demon is suppossed to have a conversation with Justin, I hope she does not screw things up for herself, I'm worried about her, and I'm not sure if I won't have to move to Europe in September instead of November. My school might request it. And here I am wondering if I should try helping out this one very stupid, sad girl. Another question-HOW? Technically, I'm not even suppossed to know anything about this whole thing. And what's going to happen once I'm back in my country? Ehhh...I don't want to think about it now. I just want to go and have a rest, I'm reading this one interesting book, I should get back to it. So I guess that's it for today.


A word to the wise (none / 0) (#1)
by Anonymous Reader on Thu Aug 23rd, 2001 at 06:11:47 PM PST
Try again, but with paragraphs this time.

evil! (none / 0) (#2)
by Anonymous Reader on Fri Aug 24th, 2001 at 09:10:45 AM PST
paragraphs are the tools of satan so are puntuatio and gramer you see its about control and making things more difficult than was intended by the almights creator of pen and paper because on pen and paper its so very simple to just right down whatyou are thinkging in a really neat thing called stream of consciousness and make really nice prose but on this internet thing you have to be really smart and careful to not make mistakes because the government has outlawed the use of the delete key to fix then because they want people that use the computer to learn to be perfect its kind of like giving pens to third graders and saying no whiteout so they know where the mistakes are you know so on the computer you have to graduate you see from spelling everything right on the first try to then being allowed to use the shift key and then eventually the enter key and such im just in the first stage of learning this so i know what im talking about but dont attack unless you know all this because its really really mean to get onto someone who is just doing what the lord ofpen and paper hath commanded thank you for your time


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