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 Bloody Your Hands on a Cactus Tree...

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Jul 24, 2001

Damn, I have under an hour and a half 'till I will be interviewing for a telephone tech support gig here at the University. $2600 a month, solid, 8 to 5 work. I'll still get three hours of class a semester free, the department won't constantly be questioned as to it's profitability, and thing will just be less stressful for me in general.

Of course, as fate would have it, I just happen to be sick on this very important day...


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It's not that ad, just a sore throat, really. Still, it's very annoying, my voice is a little weak, and my soft pallate has been itching all day. Oh well, I guess that's just the way things are.

I haven't had an interview in almost a year. Even then, I either did preliminary interviews and didn't get called back or I went into a regular interview without and never heard from the people again. I'm worried. I mean, I don't just have to get this job, but I could very well be in a situation in which I do very soon.

Right now, everyone in my office, except me, is getting pushed out or has already found a new job. I'm under the radar, and have the social skills to have avoided this so far, but it still doesn't bode well for my job security.

So, as I'm typing this, and I'm about fourty minutes away from this thing and I've already gotten into the unemployment funk. That feeling I had, when I was interviewing all that time ago. Checking the UT job vacancies every day, hoping that something would come up before next month's rent was due.

Honestly, I can't even write about it well. It was crap. Just crap, and I've yet to be able to really express what was going on at that time in my life. Especially now that it's so close to becoming a reality again...

So, that's about it for now. I'm going to attempt to calm myself, and be as presentable as possible for the interview, just a half an hour away. I really want this job, I really do...


Good luck dude, I worked the hotline for years (none / 0) (#1)
by typical geek on Tue Jul 24th, 2001 at 01:23:09 PM PST
learned a lot, got very stressed, and got out.

Now I'm a sort of debug engineer, and a very proficient liar on the fly. I think it's something everyone should try once.

gcc is to software freedom as guns are to personal freedom.

I just signed myself into bondage (none / 0) (#2)
by etm on Tue Jul 24th, 2001 at 02:31:43 PM PST
I'm off to university part-time in the fall, and within a month or two I'll be out desperately hunting down a job to cover expenses as well. Right now I've got $3500 banked, and my immediate expenses are as follows:

Tuition: $2000
First/Last month's rent: $1150

The apartment is a nice little loft, I'm amazed I was able to get it. Unfortunately I probably won't have the money to spend as many nights there drunk off my arse, swinging from the railings, etc, as I'd like to. The real shitty thing is that to get the place I had to sign a one-year lease. And not only that, but when I pay first/last and get the keys, I have to give the guy ten post-dated cheques for the duration of the lease. I have never, ever, heard of an arrangement like that before, and if I didn't think it was so diabolically evil I would be impressed by the ingenuity of it.

So it looks like I'm gonna have to have that $575 in my bank account by the last of every month, or else I'll be in a world of shit. I don't have a problem with hard manual labour, but the industrial area in the city I'm headed for is currently depressed and there aren't any such jobs for the taking. That means that the city will therefore revolve in large part around what we'll call a 'decadent middle-class student economy', so what I'm desperately afraid of is ending up working face-to-face customer service of some sort - the urge to do the noble thing and tell the first arrogant consumer fuckwad to rile me to "fuck off and die slowly" would be overpowering, and yet the urge to compromise and say "Yes'm" so that I might pay my rent and not end up sued for several thousand dollars would be holding me back.. that tension would kill me I fear.

Perhaps I should just sell drugs. It's certainly a much more honourable way to make money than sitting servile behind the counter of a clothing shop or some grotty fast food dive. And the return on investment is quite tidy if you know what you're doing.



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