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Jul 23, 2001

ahead, where the dark side of the moon began, fat-time could make out an overweight black cat standing, on it's hind legs, on a fence-post. the cat was wearing a pair of sun-glasses and a beret. in one paw, it held a cigarette, in the other a cup of coffee (java).


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"darth vader! only you could be so bold. the imperial senate will not sit still for this! when they hear you've attacked a diplo..." the cat recited.

from somewhere deep in the darkness of the dark side of the moon, john william's stirring score could be heard.

"don't act so surprised, your highness. you weren't on any mercy mission this time. several transmissions were beamed to this ship by rebel spies. i want to know what happened to the plans they sent you!"

"dang, fat-time, the moon is kinda weird, huh?"

"you said it, lubie. i say we get as much cheese as we can carry and high-tail it back home!

"let's see if we can get that cat to come with us, fat-time! he might make a dang good super hero!"

"yes!" fat-time agreed.

fat-time scooped up a handful of the gooey moon cheese and held it out, "hungries! hungries!"

the cat paused and glanced over at fat-time and lubie momentarily, before continuing with its recital, "i'm a member of the imperial senate on a diplomatic mission to alderaan..."

fat-time called out again, this time joined by lubie, "hungries! hungries!"

the cat threw down his cigarette, "god damn! what's your major malfunction, lard ass?!"

"uh, my name is fat-time. this is my friend lubie. we're super heros! and... uhm... we were wonderin' if you wanted to come back to earth with us and be a super hero too?"

"mhhmmmhmhmhm" lubie grunted, "we got lots a cheese. and it's all different too!"

"cheese, huh?" the cat stroked his chin.

fat-time pulled a picture of natalie portman from his yellowed underwear, "lookie here..."

the cat took the picture, "hot damn! you got a deal!"

"what's your name, dear friend?"

"call me burgermayer."


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