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Jul 20, 2001

fat-time charlie wobbled down the street with his lubricating midget rapid fire pellet gun tucked comfortable under his arm. with his large, sausage of a free hand he reached behind him and pulled up his oversized pants.


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ahead, he noticed a tall, thin man with long blonde hair waving a book in the air. fat-time approached him, "howdy, whatcha got there?"

"this is the oldest open source book known to man, brother. it's the holy bible. king james version."

"gee!" fat-time's eyes widened, "what's in it?!"

"it tells the story of all man kind, brother. it says we are the center of the universe and god created the world for us. we are his only children. rejoice, brother!"

a tear rolled down fat-time's fleshy cheek, "god bless you sir!"

"and god bless you, brother," the man yelled, as fat-time ambled on his way.

"when can we get some cheese, charlie," the midget begged.

"hang on a sec, lubie, let me stop and buy a paper from this gentleman here. maybe i can find a superhero adventure in there."

fat-time shuffled up to the newspaper salesman standing on the street corner, "what's happenin' in the world today, sir?"

the newspaper salesman adjusted his hat to shade his eyes from the glare of the morning sun, "why, they've gone and found life on another world! europa... a moon of jupiter!"

fat-time's face grew red, like a giant ball of uncooked hamburger, "you blaspheming bastard!"

fat-time grabbed the legs of his lubricating midget rapid fire pellet gun and unleashed a torrent of death pellets onto the saleseman. the salesman crumpled to the ground in a quivering heap of unviable flesh.

fat-time tucked a newspaper under his free arm, "now, let's go get some cheese."


Well, I don't think the Bible is Open Source (none / 0) (#1)
by Adam Rightmann on Fri Jul 20th, 2001 at 01:25:32 PM PST
because, really, God has the only compiler.

A. Rightmann

Cheese (none / 0) (#2)
by sventhatcher on Fri Jul 20th, 2001 at 03:03:19 PM PST
Will the Cheese be Open Source?

Will there it least be a Changelog? I really don't want to be eating Cheese if I don't know what changes have been made on it and who made them.

That's how you get Herpes.

--Sven (now with bonus weblog vanity site! (MLP sold seperately))


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