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 Ice Storm

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Jul 02, 2001
I'm on vacation today, staying at a friend's house.

I want to go to sleep, but they're not running the air conditioning and I'm too hot. The windows are open and I can see the moon from my pillow. I'm looking into space wishing that I was cold. Just cold.


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I'm trying to think cold thoughts. Snow blowing through the air around my body. Ice cubes running over naked flesh. Biting wind. The smell of peppermint.

It doesn't work. I lay here under the sheet and feel pockets of heat trapped unmoving next to my body.

Looking at the moon, picturing it as a cold and barren rock, I realize that the surface I'm seeing is much hotter than my little space on the earth right now. This occupies my thoughts so that my body momentarily forgets the unmoving heat. My slow brain is too occupied with thought to go to sleep though, and body awareness returns with a shock of warmth.

So I lay here a little longer, hoping for sleep.


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