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 I Guess I'm Just a Sick, Sick Bastard.

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Jul 17, 2001

Had some mindblowingly good sex yesterday. Just proof that occasionally calling in sick to work can have its benifits. Now I'm sitting in front of this damn moniter, I feel a bit wheezy from the big Chik-fil-a meal I had, and I'm feeling especially guilty since I was considering givingup meat earlier this week.

Considering how sick I feel right now, I might go ahead with the giving up meat.


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Overall, things are in a very odd place for me. I've been attempting to reexaming the issue of ethics and tolerence. My recent flame-spat with the idiotic Pagan in the Wicca article got me thinking about how I will react once I re-introduce myself into the Pagan community here in Austin (this is pretty much going to be required, as I'm going to be a kind of de-facto president for the Pagan Student Alliance). What happens when someone says "Never Again the Burning Times"? Will I stand up and explain that, aside from the fact that almost no actual Pagans of any sort were killed during that time )it was mostly Christian heritics), the numbers of people killed were far greater than most modern Pagans realize. (Starhawk, famous Pagan author, has gone to great lengths, some even say outright lying, to propigate the myth that there were between 2 to 3 million people killed, and that using that phrase makes one look like a boob.

What will I do when I run into people who say that they are fairies? Will I be able to supress my desire to call them insane? If I don't, will I be able to call them that in an intelligent manner? If I do, will the other Pagans take my side, or theirs?

Bah! So many questions. I guess I'll just have to see. I'm glad that at least the young Pagans, just leaving home and here for College, will probably contact the Pagan Student Alliance before anyone else. So, before the "radical moderate" cult-leader guy can get to them, before the otherkin and the lunatics can make an impression, before Iron Web and that abusive bastard Destinova can attempt to entice them with their proto-Nietzscheian redneck philosophy, before the Libertarian Pagans can get a crack, the young Pagans will talk to the PSA. I want helping young Pagans find their path to be one of the PSA's main goals this year. I think that it will be very important that it happens, because it could end up having a great positive effect on the Pagan community as a whole...

Of course, reading those last few lines again, one might wonder if I'm really just hoping to act as a "wise teacher" and authority figure for a crop of young, free, female Pagans. Intellectually, I know I'm not. I really do want to help them, and in the process, help all of Paganism. On the other hand, I know that I have certain feelings, and I know that there is a part of me that I do not trust. I mean, when I'm horny, I sometimes feel like a totally different person. Sometimes my overwhelming desire for pleasure leads to something great. More often it causes my pain. At times, I wish that I could simply be rid of it. That I could somehow strengthen my will and move beyond the point of wanting those things that I just shouldn't have...

Ah well. That's a whole other, huge issue that I'll write about sometime. Right now the Chik-fil-a is causing political unrest in my colon, and I need to take care of the issue...


you can still get Chik-fil-a??? (none / 0) (#1)
by motherfuckin spork on Tue Jul 17th, 2001 at 12:39:59 PM PST
man, most of the ones around here went under a few years back... well, I suppose not necessarily "under", but they did pull out.

If someone tells you that they are a fairie, look them square in the eye, probe them like that for a minute in uneasy silence, and then say "I don't think so." Then just walk away.

Now, if a fairie walks up to you and tells you that they are a normal person, just laugh hysterically and proclaim the truth: there are no normal people.

I am not who you think I am.

Yep... (none / 0) (#2)
by Electric Angst on Tue Jul 17th, 2001 at 12:50:27 PM PST
They're still big, all over Texas. Particularly in malls and food courts. Their whole "we're closed on Sunday" thing annoys the hell out of me, but for some reason it plays really well down here...

I think I'm going to stop patronizing them, though, as I fear that it is very possibly hazerdous to my health, and the structual integrity of the toilets here at work...

In the dark times, will there still be singing?
Yes, there will be singing. There will be singing about the dark times. -- Bertolt Brecht

I used to love Chik-fil-a... (none / 0) (#3)
by motherfuckin spork on Tue Jul 17th, 2001 at 01:48:29 PM PST
kinda like I used to love Taco Bell. That was back in high school, though... seems that they do indeed like to argue with my intestines, and, damnit, the intestines always lose.

I never really understood the whole "close Sunday" thing, except from the old-school religion point-of-view. Any idea where they're based out of?

I am not who you think I am.

difficult call (none / 0) (#4)
by jsm on Wed Jul 18th, 2001 at 12:15:49 AM PST
For some reason, the idea of being "the voice of common sense in the Pagan community" strikes me as indescribably funny.

Look at it this way; if someone's joining the Pagan Student Alliance, I would say that they've pretty much made their choice regarding historical accuracy and common sense. You're only going to irritate them by trying to bring them down to ... I was going to say earth, but then I realised that they're still going to be casting spells and stuff, so I'll say, bringing them down to a lower earth orbit. The correct thing to do to someone who claims to be a fairy is to laugh at them behind their back.

If you were to write an article about how the Burning Times were a hoax, we would almost certainly post it. You could submit it as "Anonymous Reader" if you didn't fancy taking the flak.

... the worst tempered and least consistent of the editors
... now also Legal department and general counsel,

I agree (5.00 / 1) (#5)
by iat on Wed Jul 18th, 2001 at 03:06:05 AM PST
If you were to write an article about how the Burning Times were a hoax, we would almost certainly post it.

And if you spice it up a bit, maybe with some hot fairy-on-fairy action, we could put it in our Premium Content section :) - love it or leave it.

Unclog your colon (none / 0) (#6)
by Orion Blastar on Fri Jul 20th, 2001 at 08:14:24 AM PST
I can relate to being sick, and having to avoid certain food to avoid getting sicker.

Try Subway or Arby's for a change of pace. Get grilled chicken instead of fried, and see if that makes a difference. Also skip the waffle fries for once or twice and see if you don't get sick. Fast Food can make almost anyone sick due to the amount of grease and fat in it. Start eating healthier and see what a difference it makes.

As for the Pagan topic, I usually don't talk about it. I tolerate other religions, and I do not force conversions. Only if the other people decide of their own free will to convert, will I help them convert. If people want to call themselves fairies, angels, vampires, or trolls that is their business and none of mine. Just don't bash my religion, and I won't bash yours.


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