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Do you write your diary to seek attention?
Yes 33%
No 66%

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Jul 11, 2001

Right now, I'm just starting to write this diary entry here, I'm almost finished writing a diary entry for K5, and I'm working on the erotic story I'm going to submit later today.

Damn you, Adequacy! You're taking up all my time!!!


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So, because I've writing two diaries now, I have to come up with even more content. Whoopidie-Doo!

I guess I should keep working on the story, since it will be much more interesting than what I have to write here. I just have this need, whenever I see these little text-boxes, to fill them. To write out my thoughts and feelings and give myself that little rush of getting something I've written read by other people.

I wonder, if I was born in a different age, some time ago when this whole internet thing had yet to exist, what would I be doing? I mean, seriously, my entire livelyhood pretty much revolves around networked computers. If they weren't around, what would my profession be? Would I write these little diaries, without some audience to read them?

Perhaps I'd have carried on my quest to create plays, staying in the theatre and exploring my ability in other ways. Perhaps I'd have been stuck in some form of hellish clerical duty, or as a middle-manager somewhere. Hell, perhaps I'd have gone balls-out with the bartending, and gone full-time, absorbing myself into the culture of the nightlife.

Either way, the question is pointless. I'm right here, right now. I'm typing this diary because I want to be considered a regular here and perhaps impress enough people to gain editorial powers, giving me a huge ego boost. I'm a child of the internet, and I might as well admit to it...

So now, on to my story, in hopes that I get that sweet, sweet attention that I crave so dearly...


Heh, funny (none / 0) (#1)
by bc on Wed Jul 11th, 2001 at 01:28:05 PM PST
Keeping up 2 diaries should be pretty hard going. Looking forward to seeing what this erotic story is like too, it should fit right into the fiction section with any luck, either that or sex.

And, although your whole life now revolves around networked computers, in the past I am sure you could have done analagous things - it is just that it would have been at a much slower pace, but hopefully more in depth and more tactile (handwritten letters, newsprint, papyrus, whatever. Much better than a phospher glow).

And the theatre sounds promising. Public diaries are a form of egomania - people spread themselves around and open private parts of their lives to anonymous others. Sounds like an ideal qualification for the thespian world!

Anyway, the site seems to be doing ok atm, lots and lots of anonymous browsers (we peaked at 170 odd of them at one point, plus another 15-20 logged in people browsing at the same time). However, people seem still to be sussing the site out and not commenting very much - and a lot of them have come from other sites on clickthroughs, so the site hits will doubtless die right down again shortly if we don't keep it up.

Bah, anyway, good stuff.

♥, bc.

Well, shit. (none / 0) (#2)
by Electric Angst on Wed Jul 11th, 2001 at 03:11:20 PM PST
It seems like I'm not going to finish the erotic story today. Too many things to take care of. It is coming along quite nicely, though, and should be a bonafide turn-on. Right now it's at about 8.5k, and should be at least double that when I'm done.

It's time to go home, though, but with any luck tomorrow all the Adequacy readers will get a chance to masturbate to my story...

In the dark times, will there still be singing?
Yes, there will be singing. There will be singing about the dark times. -- Bertolt Brecht


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