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 antidepressant o44

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Jul 11, 2001
Furrows emerge from the horses in the terrain--not that I'm against Luxembourg, per se, but undead horses rising from the furrows in their earth understandably leaves me disturbed.
The abstract symbol tree constructed from a relatively thorough parsing of our own famed mathematician's Tenniel-illustrated story reveals his hidden intent (and indent).

However, without absolute certainty, I refrain from stating the obvious. Can it merely be the product of a second-order Markov model, or is there a deeper meaning?

Unrelatedly, I stumbled upon an article by a semi-infamous, somewhat-recognizable, utterly-ludicrous person. If we ignore the fact that it's written in the conditional tense, it can be cringingly humorous in some places, if by "cringingly humorous", I mean "embarrassed for the human race by the author's existence".

Enough descent into the real world; I must return to the floating one.


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