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How many children do you want to be blessed with?
One-Two, I'm selfish 33%
Three-Four, to spread the Word 11%
Five, fill the minivan 0%
Six, my own hockey team 0%
As many as we're blessed with. 11%
None, I hate humanity and hate myself. 44%

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 Blessed with a new child

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Jul 11, 2001
My family was just blessed with a new daughter. She doesn't sleep well at night.

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My family has been blessed with a new daughter. Like many newborns, she doesn't sleep well through the night. Last night she got up at midnight, and kept us up until 3:30.

It won't happen tonight, the wife will sleep with her downstairs and tend to her, while I sleep upstairs, undisturbed.


How lucky can you get? (none / 0) (#1)
by Orion Blastar on Wed Jul 11th, 2001 at 01:01:57 PM PST
You sleep upstairs while the wife and daughter sleep downstairs. At my house we took turns but slept in the same room.

Baby "Waaaa! Waaaa!"
Wife "Wake up Orion, it's your turn!"
Orion "Three AM in the blessed morning? I got to get up for work early tomorrow. Where's that baby bottle?"

My son will turn three in November, I just found out that my wife may be pregnant again. We shall have to do this all over again. Maybe we'll get it right this time? ;)

My wife is breastfeeding (none / 0) (#2)
by Adam Rightmann on Wed Jul 11th, 2001 at 01:06:37 PM PST
so there's little I can do anyhow. Plus, she stays at home with the kids while I go to work.

A. Rightmann

In the bed (none / 0) (#3)
by driptray on Sat Dec 1st, 2001 at 02:54:18 AM PST
I suggest that you, your wife and the baby all sleep in the same bed. Your baby is less likely to wake, and when it does, it can be quickly comforted by your wife's breast. Interruptions to your sleep will be less frequent, and will be shorter and less noisy.

Some citizens feel that sleeping in the same bed as a baby is morally wrong. You may want to refer to the bible for guidance, or perhaps some other moral guide.

not sleeping well (none / 0) (#4)
by Anonymous Reader on Mon Feb 18th, 2002 at 01:43:48 AM PST
oh why? dose she read this site? I couldn't sleep is my father spouted such an utter load on such a regular basis. and if so thats one hell of a kid to just pop out and be able to read maybe your right about everything you say in every post!!!

kudos on the brest feeding thing thats good.

your topics:
sex, religion and conspiracies.

funny. your posts are very very funny. I've never read one that did not drop my jaw and leave me laughing so hard I'm crying on the floor lamenting the poor soal that reads your posts and says "oh yeah thats so correct I should rape my wife god says I can!"

I'm not sure weather to thank you for entertaining me thru my long hours or to berate you for being so well wrong about well most things.


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