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 Sunday Meditations

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Jul 01, 2001
Today I did nothing. That's what Sunday's are for, I suppose.

At about noon, I found myself staring at an empty cardboard box on the floor. I started to wonder, if I were this box, would I prefer to be full or empty? What would be the most like to have in me?

Air wouldn't be particularly satifying. Empty and breezy, just sitting around being unused. Like a Sunday, but all the time.

Perhaps those little styrofoam packing beads would be soft and pleasant. There would still be lots of air, though. I would not be completely full, and sometimes softness all the time is tiring.

Something smaller then. Like sand. The tiny grains would fill almost every crevace. That would be most satifying. Though sand would be sharp and heavy and would bend my sides out.

So, I just sat there...thinking of things to put in the box that was me. Finally, my cat came along and sniffed the box. After playing around with the flaps for a while, she jumped in the box.

If I were a box, I don't think I'd want to be a cat box.


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