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What is the funniest thing about airline food?
It comes in a baggy. 0%
It is all wrapped up in plastic stuff. 0%
It gives you the squirts. 0%
It doesn't give you the squirts. 0%
Sometimes it gives you the squirts, sometimes it does not. 0%
What's your obsession with the squirts? 50%
Whatever it is I don't think it's healthy. 50%
Maybe you should see a shrink. 0%
I know a good shrink. 0%
Not that I go to a shrink... I'm not the crazy one here. 0%

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 My diary 12/7/01

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Dec 07, 2001
Since this is my first diary entry, and first times are always the most memorable, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about some of my other "first times". However, seeing as how I can't recall any of them I'm going to instead talk about airline food.
Has anyone ever noticed how airline food doesn't taste good. Isn't that funny. I bet that if airplanes had restaurants, like TGI Friday's or The Olive Garden, no one would eat their airplane meals... well, maybe the cookie... but they wouldn't even touch the turkey sandwich! Haha! I mean, am I right folks? That food isn't good at all!

Another funny thing about airline food is that it would be so funny if on that Iron Chef show, it was the theme ingredient and the challenger had chosen Iron Chef Japanese, you know, Masaharu Morimoto, because it's totally not Japanese... unless you're in Japan... then it would probably be Japanese. Also there was this one time when I didn't eat my turkey sandwich and I brought it home and put wasabi on it instead of the mustard. Haha, I was just thinking of that wasabi commercial. I bet that waiter never saw the Budweiser commercials with the African-Americans who say wasup all the time. He must feel so stupid after that commercial... his friends probably make fun of him all the time. I would if he was my friend. He's not though. Not since he spilled ketchup on my favorite Tron shirt. So anyway, I put wasabi on it and it tasted funny. If Masaharu Morimoto did that as one of his dishes I bet the judges would say, "This tastes funny". It would be so hilarious, especially if Jesus was there. He could be one of the judges... get it? He judges stuff you know.

-Thon T. Thonson III


WB (none / 0) (#1)
by Anonymous Reader on Fri Dec 7th, 2001 at 06:11:40 AM PST


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