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 Sylvester Q McNamera - The Lost Diaries

 Author:  Topic:  Posted:
Dec 06, 2001
Yes, even though Sylvester had officially left adeqacy dot org, I feel it's important for this information to be posted. You see, Sylvester had a lot of diary information that never made it into his real diary, which has now surfaced and needs to be documented.

Be aware though, some of this information might be a little raw and not the polished content that Sly normally published. Some info is simply notes that he wrote to himself and some of it might be considered offensive. Read at your own risk.

So, without any further ado, I give you Sylverster Q McNamera, the lost diaries


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  • Wow.. that blond in the cube on the corner has one smokin body. Yeow.. I think I'll give her the I'm a sensative yet strong male who likes to sit and listen to women's problems bit to see if I can get into her pants. Heh...

  • Well, fuck. Those friggin limeys think their so smart.. today I think I'll blast those nefarious blokes and put them in their place. Lets see, what to say.. think think think.. well okay.. they have bad teeth, I can make fun of that in a sly way so it's not too obvious. What else.. bland food.. yeah.. all their god forsaken food is so bland that it makes you want to spit. Then of course I could make fun of that dorky Queen.. heh.. yeah.. that should do it. And to top it off I'll make fun of the crappy weather that have too.. hehe.. that outta get my point across.

  • Today I think I'll eat a turkey sub for lunch. Oh crap.. wait, I always say that.. it's soo boring.. but.. it does add a personal touch to kind of let those idiots get to know me as a person.. so maybe I'll just leave that in...

  • Lets see.. maybe I should make up some blathering nonesense about how Linux rocks so the geeks will think I'm cool. Heh.. okay..

    Last night I installed the latest debian potatoe woody on my old 286. It roX0Rs !!! I really like it becasue of that apt-load feature which lets me tie directly into the debian Internet Tcp/TP database and keep my software current, and I can also make posts about it on slashdot to make me sound cutting edge. I had to do the install one floppy at a time because that's the best way to recompile your kernal on a old system, so that's what I did. Wow. It's real stable and it's got all the apps I need. No more BSOD for me !!!!!!

  • hrm... geek, speak, tweak, bleak, creek, deek, well that might be a sretch, sneak, hmmm, I'll have to think about that for a while

  • Ya.. hrmm.. lkidff dofhf jdfh oh.. no wait.. it's here somewehre.. crap

  • How many damn versions of Little Drummer Boy does the world need anyways.. Sweet Jesus at the bus stop...

  • And sylvesteqrmcnamera to you all !!! !! !... er no.. I guess that doesn't work quite as well...


    So help us god. (1.00 / 1) (#1)
    by tkatchev on Thu Dec 6th, 2001 at 12:10:22 PM PST
    This was horrible. I implore the editorship to delete this shit off the face of the earth; in fact, blast it into high orbit, preferrably straight into the sun.

    Peace and much love...


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